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  • Nicki Minaj Body – How Did She Get Skinny (Almost)?

    The new Nicki Minaj body is slim with stunning figure. But how did she lose weight and have that great body?

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    Ways to Lose Weight And Have a Body Like Nicki Minaj

    Nicki Minaj Body – How Did She Achieve That Stunning Figure

    Nicki Minaj body –

    During the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, Nicki Minaj showed off her new, sexy body. At that time, she wasn’t wearing her usual get-up, i.e. crazy dress.

    Instead, she stuck to a simple gown.

    Looking at Nicki Minaj photos, her simple gown truly accentuated her curves.

    As I watched her walk down the red carpet, there was one thing I noticed – she has lost a lot of weight.

    Nicki Minaj body wasn’t chunky. But when you browse her latest photos, you’ll immediately become aware of her slimmed down body. slim

    Despite her slimmed-down figure, Nicki Minaj pear-shaped body is still obvious. So, how did she lose that amount of weight to have that stunning figure?

    Let’s get into details.

    Nicki Minaj Body – Top

    She never admitted she underwent cosmetic solutions to increase her breast size. But she did reveal in her past interviews about her workout routine involving push-ups. This type of exercise is great for growing your chest.

    In performing push-ups, you must not push yourself closer to the floor. You must only dip when your elbows are already straight.

    With this type of exercise, she truly managed to firm up her upper chest muscles. They’re apparent when you look at her photos for her newest album.

    New Nicki Minaj – Her Waist

    We can’t deny the fact that she has stunning hourglass figure. Her breasts and butt won’t be too evident without her slimmer waistline. If you want to have an hourglass figure like her, you’d need to trim down your waist.

    One of the many things that you can do (that she has done) is to eat a healthy diet. By consuming fat-burning foods, for instance, can help you cut your total caloric intake, thereby, achieving healthy weight loss.

    You also need to exercise so your belly will start to shrink. Find an abdominal exercise that you enjoy to easily tone your muscles. Nicki Minaj sexier body is the result of her hard work, which is also the key to her hourglass figure.

    Nicki Minaj photos while running

    Some photos revealed her toned leg muscles. She said that she performs cardio-vascular exercises, like running on elliptical trainer for 30 minutes. Bear in mind that cardio workout is a wonderful way to lose fat while you gain muscles. Not only that, it also helps in reaching good body posture.

    New Nicki Minaj – Diet Plan

    Going back to her interview in Allure magazine 2 years ago, she revealed that she’s consuming low-sugar diet. She’s eating more fruit and vegetables.

    To have a body like her, you can start your day with chopped carrots, celery, some fruits, capsicum and a glass of green tea.

    During lunch, you can eat prunes, drink natural fruit juices and consume sandwich made with grain bread, spinach, tomato and avocado.

    For your snacks, go with almonds.

    When it’s dinner time, make an effort to only eat low-starch veggies, green salad and drink lemon juice.

    How to get Nicki Minaj’s butt?

    It’s not easy. You’ll need to perform a lot of leg exercises if you want to have toned and firm butt like Nicki’s. Aim to finish lunges and squats every morning to tone the back of your legs.

    Don’t forget running and sprinting.

    Wrapping up

    In addition to her newest album, people are also admiring her latest trimmed-down figure as shown in various photos. When you follow a balanced diet and perform regular exercise, you’ll surely be having a body like that of Nicki Minaj in no time and you may find yourself singing “Starships were meant to fly… Hands Up and touch the sky…” while doing leg and butt exercises.

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