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  • What is the Reason for Buying and Drinking Herbalife Tea?

    Here are some of the reasons you should buy and drink Herbalife Tea Concentrate. Hint: Great for Keto followers.

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    Woman pouring herbal tea in a white cup. Explains the reasons for buying herbal tea

    When you buy Herbalife tea, you will notice that it states green tea extract. The reason for this is that all herbal teas, including Herbal tea concentrate, are not made from tea. The proper word for it is tisane. It means that the tea is an infusion of bark, roots, seeds, and leaves. They are extracted in hot water. 

    But herbal tea allows you to obtain all the benefits of the tea in an easily digestible form. One of the reasons for drinking Herbalife tea is that it gives you the benefits of hydration.


    Most people buy and drink herbal teas because of their nutrition from plants. Each time you pour hot water in it, the vitamins and minerals are released. 

    That’s why it is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Herbal teas have been around before coffee. Farmers harvested the leaves in 2700BC. With its nutrition, herbal teas beat Coca Cola and beer as people’s drink of choice. 

    Boost Endurance 

    Herbalife tea contains catechins from green tea extract. These catechins boost your body’s ability to burn fats, thereby, improving muscle endurance. 

    They can also prevent certain types of cancer, like colorectal, colon, lung, and breast, among others. However, you must not rely on this tea alone. Keep in mind that it is not a panacea. 

    It can fight free radicals because of its high oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC). With that in mind, it might help in destroying free radicals in the body. It is true that our body can fight free radicals. But it is not that effective. Thus, it needs all the help it can get. 

    Regular Drinking Lowers Risk of Parkinson’s Disease 

    When you buy and drink Herbal Tea Concentrate regularly, you might lower your risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. But you must give up smoking as well. You should also increase your physical activities. 

    Furthermore, drinking it every day can keep dementia at bay. Tea consumption lowers the risk of any cognitive decline in seniors and those who are genetically at risk of developing Alzheimer’s. 

    Weight Loss 

    It could help you lose weight. In a study, participants who consumed hot tea on a regular basis had lower BMI compared to those who did not consume tea. However, you should remember that tea is not a weight loss elixir. 

    Then again, when you replace your sugary juices with Herbal Tea concentrate, you may experience weight loss, as long as you lower your calorie intake. 

    Herbal tea can lower the risk of metabolic syndrome. This syndrome increases your risk of diabetes, stroke and artery disease. Keep in mind though that correlation doesn’t equal causation. 

    Herbalife Tea and Keto 

    Some of our shoppers who are following a keto diet asked whether Herbal Tea Concentrate is great on keto. This herbal tea contains 1 gram of carb per serving. It makes it an excellent drink when you are on this diet. You can buy and consume Herbal Tea Concentrate in abundance. Since you are on keto, you can add heavy cream and a low-carb sweetener, like stevia, to give you an extra treat. 

    P.S. If you don’t take care of yourself, the undertaker will overtake that responsibility for you. It’s time for you to boost your health and wellness. Buy Herbal Tea Concentrate now to take advantage of our amazing deals. Visit our product page to order Herbal Tea Concentrate.

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