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    Herbal Tea Concentrate of Herbalife can help you lose weight fast (but not overnight, of course!). It’s considered as a fat burner.


    1. It is rich in antioxidants. That means, it is great in cleansing and detoxifying your body so you can get rid of toxins and other harmful chemicals.

    2. It has thermogenic properties commonly found in green tea.

    3. It can boost your energy, thereby, supporting your weight loss goal.

    4. It is very low in calories.

    5. It helps in managing your hypertension or high blood sugar level. (But please consult your physician if you’re taking medicines for your blood sugar and high blood pressure.)


    Does it taste dull?

    • Even though it’s a low-calorie tea, it’s still delicious considering its weight loss benefits.
    • With this tea, it’s now easier to ditch your soda.

    Can I add sugar to Herbalife tea?


    • There’s no need for you to add sugar.
    • But it’s still your choice.
    • However, you must keep in mind that adding sugar will only cancel some of its benefits as sugar contains substances that can add calories to this tea.

    How do I make a tea out of this Herbal Tea concentrate?


    • Just like green tea, you can have it hot or cold and drink it with your meal or snack.

    How can it help me lose weight?


    • A glass of this herbal tea can help you burn about 70 calories.
    • You can further achieve your weight loss goal by pairing it with exercise.

    Are there any side effects?

    • Even if you drink it up to four times a day, you won’t suffer any side effects found in drinking tea.
    • But don’t try to consume it more than four times.
    • Keep in mind that this tea contains small caffeine that can add up.

    How long will one bottle last?


    • One bottle is good for 30 servings.
    • So, that’s about 30 days, if you’ll drink it once a day.
    • One serving is only about PHP40, which is cheaper than a can of soda that doesn’t have health benefits.

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      I lost a couple pounds with it (I quit drinking pop as well). My friend said she lost 10 pounds from it so I think it really varies, with eating right and exercise it's a great combination! – from Amazon

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