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  • Is Keto Diet A Healthy Diet And The Best Way To Achieve Weight Loss Goal?

    Many touted keto diet as a healthy diet. But is it? What the studies revealed about keto diet and keto supplements?

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    keto diet a healthy diet to fight fat

    There are so many latest health and fitness fads. Pretty sure, you have heard of a keto diet. Some considered it as a healthy diet while others don’t. Several ways could help you follow it, from dieting to taking of supplements.

    What is ketogenic diet for weight loss?

    Also known as a ketogenic diet, keto diet was developed in the 1900s. It’s similar to Paleo diet and Atkins diet. In this diet, you need to consume low-carb and high-protein foods. For that reason, you must say goodbye to your favorite lasagna and fries because they’re a no-no to this diet.

    Ketones are fats. They are made when your body burns fat to give you fuel. Typically, the body uses carbs for fuel. But in this diet, you are consuming fewer carbs so there’ll be few to no carbs left for your body to absorb. Hence, it turns to fats for fuel.

    The concept is that, when you keep this diet or take a ketone supplement, your body achieves a consistent state of ketosis. For some people, it can help in losing weight. Lebron James once followed a keto diet to boost his athletic performance.

    But could ketones be the answer to your stubborn fats that just won’t go away?
    If you’re desperate to lose those unwanted pounds, you might think that this so-called perfect healthy diet to be the answer to your quest. One company even released a ketone energy drink and dubbed it as the fourth food group. But the taste was awful.

    “I compare it to a combination of a liquor shot with nail-polish remover.” – The Atlantic

    Efficacy of ketones and Is It a healthy diet? Can it help boost athletic performance? 


    They also experienced stomach distress, dizziness, and nausea.



    The studies are conflicting. The New York Times reported on a study that a ketone supplement could improve your cycling might have enhanced the cycling performance of a group of skilled bike riders. In another study, researchers found that ketones could help you in getting to the zone and stay there.

    Ketogenic diet advocates said that there’s growing evidence that this diet is safe and it can boost athletic performance. It could also improve your metabolic profile and obtain its beneficial effects on your good cholesterol. And of course, it could assist in weight loss.

    They also added that the high-fat and low-carb foods in this diet suppress the production of too much insulin, which usually leads to obesity and diabetes. As your body starves for carbs, it uses ketones for energy. Ketones are said to be a more efficient source of energy for the body.

    However, a new study showed a different result on the effects of ketone diet in sports and endurance. The study monitored a team of Australian bicycling men. Some of the participants took a ketone drink while others had a placebo. The results showed that those who took a ketone supplement performed worse.They also experienced stomach distress, dizziness, and nausea.

    In that case, ketone shots or drinks aren’t perfect for your desire to lose weight or boost your athletic performance.

    But health experts want to remind everyone that diets that follow the ketogenic principles are different from ketone supplements in drink or powder form. A ketogenic diet may be safe, but ketone supplements may not be safe because they have not been evaluated yet for safety.

    They also added that losing weight is possible through a healthy diet. However, there’s always the question of how to keep it off. The key to losing weight is to find a method that can help you shed some unwanted pounds and maintaining your weight. It must be a method that you can stick to.

    What do you think of keto diet? Have you tried it? Should it be included as a top weight loss method? Share your thoughts with us. 

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