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  • How To Make Protein Shakes Taste Better?

    Here are some ways on how to make protein shakes taste better. #4 is my favorite.

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    How To Make Protein Shakes Taste Better? Protein shakes can give you extra protein that you need every day. Unfortunately, most of them don’t taste that good, unlike Herbalife shake. Thankfully, some ways can make protein shakes taste better.

    1. Use Fruits

    To make protein shakes taste sweet, you can add fruits. My favorite is a banana. But you can add any fruit, such as cherries and strawberries.

    It’s easy to add fruits into your protein shake. Just put them into a blender along with the protein shake.

    Even though Herbalife shake is already sweet, I like adding a piece of banana. I try to avoid adding ice cubes.

    In that case, I freeze the bananas first. So, instead of ice cubes, I just add frozen banana into my protein shake.

    What makes it great is that fruits won’t make protein shakes unhealthy. However, if you’re watching your calories, make sure you don’t go overboard.

    Keep in mind that a 100-gram banana has 89 calories. And a serving of Herbalife shake has 90 calories. If you mix non-fat milk, it can add to your calorie count.

    2. Use More Water or Milk

    If the protein shake is too strong for you, you can add more water to it. Or you can add non-fat milk.

    It will taste more like a milkshake than a protein shake. But trust me. It’ll do the trick into making your protein shake taste better.

    If you’re not using Herbalife shake, you may wish to add an artificial sweetener to make it tolerable. The sweetener that you may want to try is Green Stevia. It has 0 calories, and one sachet is already enough to make espresso sugary.

    3. Make a Smoothie

    Shake and smoothie are different. The latter has a thicker consistency than the former.

    To make a protein shake smoothie, you need some frozen fresh fruits and Greek yogurt, which gives it an extra depth and makes the smoothie thicker.

    4. Add Chocolate Powder

    Besides adding sweetener, you can make your protein shake taste amazing by adding chocolate powder. Any chocolate powder can be used to make its taste nicer.

    5. Use Another Brand

    Several brands of protein shakes are available. If you don’t like the taste of the brand you’re using, you can just switch brands.

    Some whey proteins offer great taste. They’re are thin and don’t have a strong flavor.

    In addition to Herbalife shake, I recommend soy protein from Happy Farms. The taste isn’t too strong.

    However, if you don’t add fruits in it, the taste is blunt. So I mix it with Green Stevia.

    You may also add flavored syrup. The most popular ones are chocolate and caramel. But you may have to experiment a little bit so you can get the protein shake flavor that you want.

    What’s great about flavored syrup is that you don’t need to mix it using a blender. You can stir it in your shake using a spoon. It’s great if you’re making it your protein shake at the gym or in the office.

    6. Add Matcha Tea Powder

    I haven’t tried it yet, but it has several positive reviews. Matcha tea powder offers a unique flavor. By adding it to your shake, you’re making a tasty drink that’s hard to put down.

    Be Careful in What You Add to Your Protein Shake
    Although you can add anything to your protein shake, make sure that you don’t go overboard. Here are some tips on what to put in this drink.

    Make It Natural

    You can add anything in your protein shake. But ensure that the ingredients are still natural. You may add peanut butter but opt for a natural version because it provides higher protein content. It also comes with natural fats.

    Use Fresh Fruits

    Don’t use canned fruits. Instead, use fresh fruits as much as possible. Canned fruits contain artificial sugar that can just add calories to your shake.

    Use Ingredients to Boost Shake’s Protein Content
    For extra protein, add almond nuts into the blender. It adds protein content, but it doesn’t make the shake a lot thicker. Or you can add another scoop of whey or soy powder.

    The Best Way to Make Protein Shake

    If you wish to have a better-tasting protein shake, make sure that you add the liquid first in your blender. That is, water or milk. Doing so will make the protein powder a lot easier to blend.

    After adding the protein of your choice, add the other ingredients, such as frozen bananas, Oreos, and peanut butter.

    To get the right consistency, just add one to two fruits. If you’re not getting the consistency that you want, just add more liquid to it.

    Final Thoughts

    You can find several options that can help you improve the taste of your protein shake. Try to use them first before you decide that these shakes aren’t for you. Those suggestions that can boost the taste and will give you a different protein shake recipe.

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