• Best Meal Replacement Shake For Weight Loss – Herbalife Formula 1

    • Protein Shake Herbalife
      Protein Shake Herbalife StrawberryProtein shake Herbalife Chocolate
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      • 80-calorie replacement meal
      • Helps in losing body fats while preserving muscle
      • Aids in increasing muscle size and strength
      • Reduces hunger to avoid munching on unhealthy snacks
      • Promotes healthy weight loss


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    Product Description

      • Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix for optimum nutrition is a healthy protein shake that contains 20 essential vitamins and minerals.
      • It has 9 grams of protein and high amount of fiber that can fully support your weight management, be it weight loss, weight gain or weight maintenance.
      •  Available flavors French Vanilla, Chocolate and Wild Berry.

    Product Details

    • Canister: 550 grams


    Will I still lose weight without exercise?

    • You’ll lose weight without exercise. But we highly recommend pairing it with exercise to get the best results.
    • Take this twice a day and have one full meal.
    • You can pair it with a piece of fruit, like apple or banana.

    Can I make a hot shake out of this?

    • Yes, you can but it’s not recommended.

    How will I lose weight using it?

    • It’s simple. Protein shake of Herbalife will help you lessen your calorie intake without you feeling hungry.
    • It essentially prepares you to live a healthy lifestyle.

    Do you use it?

    • Yes, we personally use it as a healthy drink after working out.

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    Vim Chi Vim Chi is an online health shop that delivers natural supplements, which bring back your Vim (energy and enthusiasm) and Chi (vital energy to animate the body internally), straight to your door. Be sure to check out our blog posts written by our fantastic resident writers and guest bloggers.

    Weight 550 g


    1. Vim Chi
      out of 5


      I found that the free fruits & veggies throughout the day along with the protein snacks really help alot as well. My favorite Herbalife products to use with this shake mix is Herbalifes Total Control which gives me lots of energy and the Celluloss which got rid of my excess fluids. – from Amazon

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