• Herbalife Recipe: Cucumber Shake with Pineapple

    Do you want an easy-morning smoothie or shake? Why not try this delicious cucumber shake with Herbalife shake? It contains fewer calories than the calories in Shakey’s Cucumber Lemon Cooler.

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    How to make cucumber shake (almost) similar to Shakey’s Cucumber Lemon Cooler?

    Have you tried Shakey’s Lemon Cucumber Cooler? I had. And I loved it. One tall glass costs PHP68 but it’s worth it.

    Herbalife Recipe: Cucumber Shake with Pineapple Slices

    It’s sweet and full of flavor.

    But I’m intrigued with its sugariness. Pretty sure it contains artificial sweeteners, besides the natural sweetness of lemon and cucumber.

    So I ended up making my own cucumber shake.

    Herbalife Recipe: Cucumber Shake with Pineapple Slices


    1. 1 cucumber
    2. 234 grams of Pineapple Slices in Heavy Syrup (it’s about 200 calories, so watch out!)
    3. 20 ml water
    4. 1 tablespoon Herbalife Shake

    How to make delicious shake out of these ingredients?

    Put them all in your blender until smooth.

    The taste? It was 90% pineapple and 10% cucumber.

    Perhaps, I should use lime juice or lemon juice the next time.

    This cucumber shake is not ideal for those who are watching their calorie intake.

    However, if you want to be full longer, say, 3 hours without craving for food, then this could be the right beverage. I did not feel the desire to eat for hours.

    Other shake experts opt to use honey and lime juice to add sweetness to their cucumber shake. Maybe, next time I make one, I’ll add honey and/or stevia leaves. They’re healthier alternatives and they reduce the number of calories present in my cucumber shake with Herbalife Formula 1.

    Why I added Herbalife Shake? Mainly for its protein content.

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