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  • Eating Junk Foods Linked to Cancer Risk

    The study revealed that those who consumed most junk food had a high risk of colorectal, stomach and respiratory tract cancers.

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    Eating Junk Foods Linked to Cancer Risk

    Junk food is bad for you. You already know it. This type of food can cause adverse health effects. For example, eating junk food regularly can increase your risk of developing heart disease. It also increases your risk of metabolic disease. Recently, researchers utilized a new nutritional labeling system. The system links a diet low in nutritional quality with high risks of different kinds of cancers.

    The new labeling system is based on the British Food Standards Agency’s Nutrient Profiling System. In here, it calculates each food or drinks utilizing a 100-gram content measure for sugar, sodium, fiber, proteins, and calories. It has been utilized in the UK since 2007. It is implemented to regulate how manufacturers advertise their food to kids.

    The health authorities in France and Belgium officially supported the Nutri-Score. However, the European Union labeling regulations made it difficult for its application to be mandatory. Then again, 33 food manufacturers started to adopt the system voluntarily.

    The goal of the latest study was to offer scientific evidence regarding the value of the British Food Standards Agency system as the basis for the Nutri-Score system. The study involves examination of the diets of more than 400,000 adults in European countries using the Nutri-Score lens.

    The study revealed that those who consumed most junk food had a high risk of colorectal, stomach and respiratory tract cancers. In a separate result, researchers discovered that men have a higher risk of developing lung cancer than women. Women are stated to be at higher risk of having liver and postmenopausal breast cancers.

    That said, it is vital that you limit consumption of junk food if you can’t avoid it. Here’s the diet that the World Cancer Research Fund/American Institute for Cancer Research recommended.

    Every recommendation offers a beneficial effect and protective benefit to your health.

    Health experts stated that the link between nutrition and cancer is not a new concept.

    How to Practice Healthy Eating?

    The trick to have a healthy diet is to consume the proper amount of calories. If you eat a lot, you will gain weight. If you consume little, you will lose weight. To get a balanced diet, you have to consume a wide array of foods.

    Consume plenty of fruit and vegetables. Experts recommend consuming at least five portions of fruit and vegetables each day.  Fruit juice counts as one portion. However, make sure that you opt for unsweetened 100% fruit juice.

    Then, reduce your consumption of saturated fat and sugar. It is true that we need fat in our diet. But not all fats are the same. Saturated fat increases your total blood cholesterol level, thereby, increasing your risk of having heart disease. Instead of eating saturated fat, opt for foods that contain unsaturated fats. These would include oily fish, avocados and vegetable oils.

    Apart from fats, you must also watch your sugar consumption. Consuming foods or drinking beverages high in sugar would increase the risk of obesity. They could also cause tooth decay. Sugary drinks and foods could contribute to weight gain. That said, make sure to reduce your consumption of alcoholic drinks, cakes, biscuits, pastries, and sugary cereals, among others.

    Most of all, you need to increase your physical activity.

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