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  • How Do You Know It Is the Right Time for Keto Diet?

    Do you wish to start to follow a keto diet? If you do, is there such thing as the “right time” for a ketogenic diet?

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    How Do You Know It Is the Right Time for Keto Diet?

    Is there a right time in our life when we should start a diet? How can we know we need different meal plans to keep the nice look and a good health?

    There is not any general answer to this question. However, we have to admit one should not wait to become visibly obese. Don’t let the fat get bigger around the thighs and stomachs. Once there is some surplus of pounds you can notice in front of your mirror, try some modifications of meals. Maybe a Ketogenic Diet is the right choice for you.

    What Is a Ketogenic Diet?

    For a better explanation of Keto Diet, which is a shorter name, it is important to emphasize this is a type of low-carb diet. During the reduced taking of carbs, your body will start production of ketones and will flow into the state of Ketosis. Ketosis is a process which comes naturally as a defensive mechanism of our body when we have a low food intake.

    That means the production of glucose and insulin will decrease and your body will start to use fats stored in your body. In this way, your metabolic system works faster and the main energy comes from the overweight parts.

    Ketogenic Diet was initially made for patients with Epilepsy in 1920 and since that time is used as a model which can cut body fat, cholesterol, blood sugar and a number of seizures for those who were ill.

    The Weight Loss Expectations and Trends

    We can say without a doubt that Ketogenic Diet is one of the best ways to lose weight. Furthermore, it will give you the best results among all other diets because your body will use fat cells to make you survive.

    Thanks to this fact, the trend of using this diet has a growing line. There are many celebs all over the world who are living exactly by rules which are represented here.

    How to Make Your Own Keto Diet Plan?

    It is not some great invention we can lose weight if we reduce our intake of carbs. But, many of us are not sure how to divide food into groups. Before you start eating according to Keto rules, try to find as much information you can.

    There are different plans and types of Ketogenic Diets like to follow:

    Standard Ketogenic Diet – the most restrictive plan for those who would like to lose weight in shorter time. This diet involves around 75% of fat in your menu, while only 5% of carbs are allowed. The rest of the food consists of proteins. This type of diet is most researched and studied and the gross of information you can find on the internet or in publications consider exactly this type of eating.

    High-protein Ketogenic Diet – the less restrictive plan than the standard type of diet, with only difference it includes 35% of protein instead 20% in the above-mentioned plan.

    Targeted Ketogenic Diet – basically you should use as much fat as you can, but still, when you have a workout, carbs are allowed

    Cyclical Ketogenic Diet – this is probably the most comfortable way of Keto eating. Once a week, you might have a weekend with high-carbs or any other two days you like.

    How to Choose Food?

    The good thing with Keto Diet is we all can remember what are allowed things we can take daily. There are some ingredients we can use to prepare our meals, while some others belong to a restricted group.

    During the Keto Diet, it is recommended using the following food:

    • Meats – all types are allowed, so enjoy lamb, beef, pork
    • Eggs
    • Dairy products with fat content like butter, hard cheeses or cream
    • Unsweetened and non-starchy vegetables like leafy greens and above ground vegetables
    • Berries – you can eat some berries with low glycemic impact. The best choices are raspberries and blackberries. Besides that, avocados are allowed
    • Nuts and seeds – take walnuts, sunflower seeds, macadamias
    • For healthy fats, take saturated fats, coconut oil or high-fat salad dressing
    • Sweeteners, such as Stevia, monk fruit, erythritol or some other low-carb sweeteners
    • Dark chocolate with high content of cocoa powder in small quantities

    Restricted food during the Keto Diet is as follows:
    • All types of grains such as wheat, corn, cereals, and rice
    • Sugar – it is absolutely forbidden to take any food which consists of sugar such as honey, agave, syrups, glucose, brown sugar. Of course, white sugar is also on the list.
    • Fruit – while some berries are allowed, during the Keto Diet you should not eat bananas, apples, oranges and other fruit which are not mentioned above
    • All types of tubers, where potato and yams are included
    • Medium-starchy vegetables, beans, and legumes
    • Alcohol – which is usually not allowed during any diet
    • Processed food like crackers, potato chips and similar

    Supplements and Keto Diet

    There is no need to use supplements during a Ketogenic Diet, but still, some of them can do good for your metabolism. Here is what you can use without risking the weight loss process:
    • Caffeine – which will give you more energy during the day
    • Minerals – those which can help you make mineral balance in your body
    • MCT oil – use some small quantity together with water, yogurt or other drinks, to reach higher concentrations of ketones and energy
    • Exogenous ketones – this will only improve ketone levels and speed up the weight loss
    • Creatine – for all those who have a regular gym, this is a good supplement
    • Whey – helps meet your daily protein intake

    Benefits and Side Effects of Ketogenic Diet

    There are numerous beneficial affects you can expect from this changed regime of eating. In the first place is the weight loss. Besides that, you can count on preventing heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy. This diet is helpful for brain disease and neurological disorders. It also reduces the risk of getting diabetes type 2 and can help you get rid of acne.

    Like all other diets, this one also has side effects. Be careful if you feel brain fog for more than a week. Eventually, during the diet, you may suffer from headaches, sleeplessness, pain in muscles, bad breath, fatigue, constipation, moodiness, nausea and lower libido.

    Due to mutual benefits and above-mentioned sides of this diet, we can recommend Keto as a positive way of weight loss principle for all people who are healthy and ready to follow the restrictions. To calculate your keto macros in minutes, you may use this Keto Calculator.

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