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  • Diet Plans for Women to Lose Weight

    Let’s explore the most effective diet plans for women to lose weight, including the foods you can eat and avoid.

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    Diet Plans for Women to Lose Weight

    Have you ever tried losing weight but always failed? You might not have a great relationship with your body. In this post, let’s explore the smarter, simpler diet plans for women to lose weight and flatten your abdomen.

    What You Must Eat to Lose Weight?

    Upon Waking Up

    When you wake up, you should start your day by drinking a cup of warm water with 1/2 lemon. It’s important to remember that mixing hot water and lemon doesn’t offer actual weight loss. But it’s the act of replacing your high-calorie beverage that’ll result in a calorie deficit.

    It’ll also help in staying hydrated, which is essential for a healthy diet as it boosts your metabolism. It’s especially useful if you don’t like drinking plain water, then adding lemon can improve the flavor without adding calories.

    Smoothie for Breakfast

    Now, for your breakfast, choose to drink a smoothie. One of the smoothies you can try is the banana smoothie with powder protein, flax seeds, frozen berries and unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Mix all ingredients using a blender until you achieve the desired consistency.

    Drink Green Tea

    Green Tea to Lose Weight

    Instead of coffee, try an organic green tea. This tea contains flavonoids and caffeine that can improve your metabolism, increase fat oxidation and enhance insulin activity. Green tea drinkers who consume it every day while sticking to a low-calorie diet have lost 2.9 pounds within 12 weeks.

    But, just because green tea can help you lose weight doesn’t mean that you drink a lot of it. You just need to drink up to 2.5 cups per day to get its weight loss benefits.

    Another thing to remember about green tea is that this tea has several varieties. Matcha green tea is a useful type that offers a lot of nutrients and antioxidants for your weight-loss mission. This tea uses the whole leaf, and it’s consumed as part of the beverage.


    Lean Meat - Diet Plans for Women to Lose Weight

    The recommended serving is 6 ounces a day. Opt for lean chicken, turkey or fish. Protein has the power to winnow your waistline as it leaves your fork. Because it takes more work to digest and metabolize it, your body burns more calories when processing it.

    Protein also takes longer to leave your stomach. That said, you’ll feel full sooner and longer. Dieters who increased their protein consumption lost about 11 pounds within 12 weeks without having to employ dietary measures.

    Apart from that, protein is also beneficial in making sure that you’re losing fat and not muscles. The amino acids in protein will be used to build lean muscle making you stronger and burn calories when you’re too lazy to exercise.


    You need to eat carbs as they’re vital to your health. But you have to stick to healthy carbs, like cooked brown rice. Your body needs carbs for energy. If you deprive yourself, you’ll end up eating more, which won’t help you lose weight.

    The trick here is to eat the right carbs. Nutrient-dense carbs are great in helping you lose weight. Then, pair them with up to three grams of fiber per 100 calories.

    How about fats?

    Grass-Fed Beef - Diet Plans for Women to Lose Weight

    Yes, you also need to consume healthy fats to lose weight. One of the good fats you must try is grass-fed beef. It’s a little pricey, but it has a high amount of healthy fats that are worth the cost. Apart from that, it contains a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids that can help in reducing heart disease. Compared with a conventional meat, grass-fed beef is leaner and with fewer calories.

    Olive oil offers healthy fats. That’s why you often read it in most diet plans for women to lose weight. This oil contains cancer-fighting polyphenols and monounsaturated fats, which are known to strengthen your heart.

    According to several studies, an olive-oil-rich diet results in the production of adiponectin, which is a hormone responsible for breaking down fats in your body. So, the more you have it, the lower your BMI will be. Thus, opt to use it for cooking.

    Coconut oil is also helpful in losing weight. In a study, researchers found that those who consumed coconut oil daily have managed to shrink their waistlines. So, to start carving your waistline, try to add coconut oil to your food.

    Dark chocolate can also flatten your belly and help you lose weight. When you eat 3.5 ounces of chocolate two hours before you eat, you’ll likely to eat fewer calories than when you choose to consume milk chocolate.

    This kind of chocolate can take a time to process. That said, it can stave off hunger so it can effectively help in losing weight.

    Then, there’s almond butter. Study after study showed that almonds are perfect for women who wish to lose weight, even though they contain a high amount of fats. The secret of almonds is that they have compounds that limit your body from absorbing fats. That said, the fats will pass through undigested. So, the next time you prepare oatmeal, try adding almond butter. You may also spread it on your banana slices.

    Avocado is known to contain healthy fats, even if you must only limit to a half. This fruit is packed with healthy fats that contain oleic acid, which controls your hunger. Plus, it’s rich in protein and fiber. The best way to enjoy it is to make an avocado smash. Use a quarter of an avocado, add lemon and a dash of hot sauce. Then, sprinkle some salt and pepper.


    Greek Yogurt - Diet Plans for Women to Lose Weight

    It’s also a good idea to eat dairy but opt for a Greek yogurt. Some yogurts contain a high amount of sugar. But Greek yogurt is different because it’s not only rich in healthy fats but it also contains extra protein. As we all know, protein takes a lot longer to digest so you’ll feel full for longer period. Its fat content will also make you feel satisfied. In this case, you can go through your morning routine without the need to snack.

    What foods must you eliminate?

    While you’re in a diet plan, you must avoid wheat. However, you can eat brown rice. Artificial sweeteners should be avoided. So are white sugar and alcohol. For caffeine, you should only drink green tea. You may eat dairy products only if they’re made of Greek yogurt.

    What vegetables to eat?

    If you wish to lose weight, you should only eat low-glycemic veggies. They’re great at helping you stay full while they’re effective in burning fats. Choosing to eat low-glycemic vegetables over starchy and sugary foods will encourage your body to burn glycogen storage so it can start burning fats.

    Is it okay to drink booze?

    To slim down quickly, you must quit drinking. If you do so for a month, you’ll start to see your weight going down. However, you don’t have to say no to it forever. Avoiding it for a month will help you jumpstart your weight loss goal without doing anything drastic.

    Instead of drinking wine, try to drink more water. Sometimes, your body mistakes dehydration for hunger. To reset your appetite, stay hydrated and drink more water. Aim to drink up to eight glasses of water a day.

    Don’t forget to sleep

    Sleep - Diet Plans for Women to Lose Weight

    It may not be easy, but you need to have at least eight hours of sleep. Keep in mind that sleep affects your hormones that control your satiety and hunger. When you have enough about of sleep at night, you’re keeping those hormones in balance and keep your appetite in check.

    Perform Interval Training

    To lose weight faster, you must incorporate interval training into your diet plan. It’s the most efficient way to lose weight. Interval training involves performing a particular exercise at a maximum intensity within a short period. It burns more calories and increases your fitness level. With the right program, your body will keep on losing fats after working out while you’re maintaining muscle mass.

    You must get as many physical activities as you can. Regular activity is another key to losing weight and keeping it off. Apart from losing weight, it can also offer numerous health benefits, like having a healthy heart.

    Avoid Stocking Junk Foods

    If you really wish to lose weight, you must avoid those temptations. That is, don’t stock on foods that can only make you gain weight. Instead of purchasing and storing chocolate, crisps, fizzy drinks at home, try to stock up on fruits, oat cakes, unsweetened fruit juices, and other healthy foods.

    Never Skip Breakfast

    Eating breakfast can help you control weight. You may think that skipping will help you lose weight. But missing meals will only make you miss out on essential nutrients. It also encourages you to snack more often throughout the day causing you to eat more.

    There are several healthy breakfasts that you can try. For instance, you may wish to eat scrambled eggs. Or cheese platter and cold meat. Smoked salmon and cheese bagel may also be a great option. Having a Greek yogurt with fresh fruit can give you a high amount of protein throughout the day.

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