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  • 6 Weight Loss Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

    There’s no need to hate dark chocolate when trying to lose weight. Here are the reasons dark choco is great for your weight loss goals.

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    Weight Loss Benefits of Dark Chocolate

    Ah, chocolates this Valentine’s Day.  These two always go hand in hand.

    So, if your special someone has sweet tooth, give him/her a bag of dark chocolates. It can be Theo’s Chocolate bars or Dr. Dave’s Mega-O. Whatever you choose to give, dark chocolates can brighten your recipient’s mood.

    But what if your recipient is trying to lose weight? Are you still going to give him/her a bag of dark chocolates this Valentine’s day?

    Many people have been told about how bad chocolates are for those who want to lose weight. But many researchers have already broken this taboo. Dark chocolates offer weight loss benefits. In fact, Weight Watchers experts recommend them to satisfy hunger.

    Recently, dark chocolates have been discovered to offer a number of benefits for weight loss.

    Improve overall health

    Good-quality dark chocolates offer the same health benefits as green veggies’. They can help in lowering blood pressure, increasing blood circulation and preventing arteriosclerosis. But you must only take them in small quantities.

    Dark chocolates contain flavonoids that reduce insulin resistance, thereby, preventing spikes in blood sugar. As a result, you can avoid yourself from overeating.

    Enhance metabolism

    According to a study at Queen Margaret University, dark chocolate can provide positive impact to how your body metabolizes fat and carbohydrate. This is a promising result as it only showed that such sweet item can positively affect how your body uses fatty acids. As a result, it aids in the proper absorption of fats and carbs. This is one of the reasons dark chocolate lovers experience a feeling of satiety each time they eat this type of food.

    But don’t just eat any type of chocolate. Rather, you must stick to dark chocolates. What are they? They contain 70% cacao. If the chocolate you’re eating now has less than 70% of cacao, then better throw it away as it might cause you to bulge.

    Contain healthy fats

    Dark chocolates are great for weight loss, even though they contain saturated fats. Keep in mind that not all saturated fats are bad for your health. In fact, good fats are important in helping you lose some unwanted pounds.

    There are three types of fats present in dark choco. These are stearic acid, palmitic acid and oleic acid.

    Stearic acid turns into oleic acid, which is a monounsaturated fat that can regulate cholesterol levels. Palmitic acid, on the other hand, may raise cholesterol levels. However, when the oleic acid and stearic acid are combined, the effects of palmitic acid become irrelevant.

    Control appetite

    There are three hormones in your body that control your appetite: insulin, ghrelin and leptin. We all know that insulin controls how sugar is transferred from the bloodstream to the cells. Ghrelin, on the other hand, increases appetite while leptin decreases it.

    If you are insulin-resistant, you’ll lose the ability to feel full even after a heavy meal. In a study conducted in the Netherlands, participants who ate dark chocolates experienced a drastic reduction in their ghrelin levels, thereby, reducing their appetites.

    Help you feel good

    If you feel good about yourself, then you’re more likely to improve your physical activities, like exercise, which is great for weight loss. So, why not try to enjoy an ounce of dark chocolate this Valentine ’s Day and grab a glass of wine to achieve the stimulating effects of chocolate. These effects will give you the extra mile when exercising.

    Reduce stress levels

    Stress, as we all know, can play a huge part in obesity. People are experiencing a lot of stress in their lives tend to eat more causing them to become obese.

    However, your stress hormones can be brought down to significant levels by eating dark chocolates. As a result, you’ll feel happy despite the negative things going on in your life. And when you’re happy, you’re less likely to overeat.

    Now that you know the weight loss benefits of eating dark chocolates, you might want to know the perfect dark chocolate you can give to your special someone.

    1. Dagoba Organic Chocolate

    6 Weight Loss Benefits Of Dark Chocolate


    It’s not too bitter but it’s not too sweet either. What’s great about this dark choco is its antioxidant content from cacao. In fact, this choco contains 87% cacao. And because it’s organically-produced, it’s great for the environment and for your health. You can grab it from any retail store that offers organic, health products.

    2. Body Ecology’s Dark Chocolate

    6 Weight Loss Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

    6 Weight Loss Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

    Although it’s sweetened, it’s made of natural sweetener, which is found in fruits and veggies. Its taste is like brown sugar. It’s flavored with mint giving a different taste of choco. This dark choco is also rich in antioxidants and fiber, which is good with your weight loss goals.

    3. Valrhona Noir Extra Amer

    6 Weight Loss Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

    6 Weight Loss Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

    This one is difficult to find if you’re living in the Philippines. Some online stores that offer it doesn’t deliver this item to our country. Too bad. However, if you get the chance to have this dark choco, then by all means savor that moment. This dark chocolate contains 85% cacao. When eating it, you’ll notice its cinnamon content.

    4. Green and Black’s Dark

    6 Weight Loss Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

    6 Weight Loss Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

    Just like Valrhona, this, too, contains 85% cacao with 5 grams of fiber. It’s bitter because of its cacao content. However, the bitterness isn’t at all overpowering. Thus, if you like a choco with bitter flavor that’s not too dominating, then this chocolate might be a great option.

    5. Fortina Dark Chocolate

    6 Weight Loss Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

    6 Weight Loss Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

    This is another wonderful gift for your special someone who’s trying to lose weight. It has the best ingredients of vanilla, raw cacao and natural sweetener. It can be a little pricey, though. However, it’s all worth it. Another great thing about this product is that it’s wrapped in 100% recyclable materials. You’ll find Fortina through online health shops.

    6. Scharffen Berger Extra Dark

    6 Weight Loss Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

    6 Weight Loss Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

    If you want an extra dark chocolate for your recipient, this could be a wonderful option. It’s a mixture of figs, honey, spice and red wine. You can also taste espresso in there. Its bitterness isn’t too dominating. The manufacturer didn’t load it up with sugar just to dull the bitterness inside it, which is actually good.


    Giving your special someone a gift of dark chocolates won’t ruin his/her plans to lose weight. These food items are great for his/her health and weight loss goals. But you should remind him/her to only eat in moderation to avoid cancelling out the benefits of dark chocolate for weight loss.

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