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  • 5 Proven Effective Home Remedies For Constipation

    Most of us might reach for a laxative. But it’s not the main solution for this problem. What you need to do is eat more fiber and follow these 5 proven home remedies for constipation.

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    Are you having difficulty moving your waste matter?

    Most of us might reach for a laxative. But it’s not the main solution for this problem. What you need to do is eat more fiber. Doctors do recommend patients to have at least 20 grams of fiber each day.

    Fiber And Constipation

    One of the best home remedies for constipation without the need of a laxative is to take enough fiber. What this substance does is that it absorbs water. Then, it makes your stool softer and bulkier to make it easier for you to defecate.

    Although you’ll need this substance to facilitate proper digestion, your body needs water to cope with the presence of fiber within your system. And to further keep things moving, you must exercise regularly.

    Here’s a list of ways to meet the recommended daily amounts of fiber each day.

    1. Eat high-fiber bran cereal

    You may start your day by eating such cereal. But you must choose a brand that has at least 15 grams of insoluble fiber. It’s a type of fiber that adds bulk to help the stool to move through the digestive tract.

    If you’re not used to eating much fiber, it’s advisable that you start with smaller serving. Once your body gets the hang of it, you can work your way up.

    Consuming too much of it can cause bloating and stomach cramps.

    2. Choose dried beans, figs, oats and nuts

    They’re good sources of soluble fiber. It’s another type of fiber that softens your stool.

    3. Use psyllium seeds

    These seeds can be added to a cup of hot water. Let them stay there for 2 hours before drinking. To have a tasteful drink of these seeds, you may add lemon or honey.

    Most over-the-counter laxatives utilize psyllium seeds as the main active ingredients. This home remedy is also found in most pharmacies and health food shops.

    4. Add flaxseeds

    These remedies aren’t as popular as psyllium but they can do the trick. They’re rich in fiber and contain omega-3 fatty acids. Thus, they’re not only beneficial to treat constipation but they can also be good to your heart.

    If you don’t like its taste, you can add them to your breakfast cereal or fruit smoothie. Or you may choose to grind the seeds and store them in the fridge. Each time you have an orange juice at breakfast, you mustn’t forget to sprinkle it with these grounded seeds.

    5. Drink plenty of water

    Although these fiber-rich foods are good remedies for your constipated system, you must also increase your water intake. At home or while at work, aim for at least 250 ml of water each day.

    Other home remedies for constipation

    1. Caffeine

    It’s known to have bowel-loosening effects.

    2. Dandelion tea

    It helps to make your bowel movement regular again.

    3. Elm powder

    It’s useful in making it easier for the stool to pass from your digestive tract to your intestine.

    Of course, you mustn’t forget about exercise.


    Constipation can be bothersome but it’s not usually grave. But it can be a symptom of a medical condition known as bowel obstruction or colorectal cancer. If your condition hasn’t improved after two weeks, you must talk to your physician.

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