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  • The Benefits Of Aloe Vera To The Human Body And Its Ability To Help With Weight Loss

    Get to know the many benefits of aloe vera to your body, including its ability to help with weight loss.

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    The Aloe Vera is one of the most complete foods, containing more than 150 active substances. The adult plant takes about 4 years to form and to grow and requires extreme weather conditions to provide an excellent quality of its gel, like the regions of low rainfall.

    This gel is used for consumption, while the thorny outer part of the leaves is used as an organic fertilizer. Known for herbalists and medical professional for centuries as the “best medical plant” or “pickled medicine”, this cactus green lance-shaped leaves that contains a clear and viscous gel was brought from Africa to the Americas in the sixteenth century.

    Undoubtedly, much before this event to happen, aloe, whose name means “the shining bitter substance” was already well known as a plant with great healing powers. The ancient Egyptians referred the aloe as the “plant of immortality” and included it among the gifts that were buried with the pharaohs.

    In recent decades, medical research has confirmed the many healing properties that this shining bitter substance has, using it topically or even when it is consumed as a liquid or taken in capsules.

    Aloe Vera is a real tonic for a healthy life. The gel of Aloe Vera contains almost all of the amino acids that our body normally needs (that are usually in deficit in our diet and foods) and 7 of the 8 essential amino acids that our own body cannot even produce. Drinking the Aloe Vera gel ensures a daily ingestion of the essential and non-essential amino acids. It also helps in maintaining a healthy life by providing these essential amino acids.

    A specific study of the Aloe Vera plant has demonstrated that no other plant in the world that we know can duplicate the same way these amino acids do. The human body doesn’t have reservoirs for some vitamins, therefore a regular supplementation is necessary through a specific diet.

    This is achieved by the intake of a dose of Aloe Vera gel every day, being simultaneously helping to build, in a natural way, a system for defending the body against free radicals that cause premature aging and whose formation are the first step in a lot of diseases.Vitamins like A, C and E, some B complex vitamins and others like niacin and folic acid are present in the Aloe Vera gel. This way, Aloe Vera provides a natural support to the immune system of the human body. As we know, our immune system works nonstop, protecting our body from intrinsic and extrinsic pathogens.

    The Aloe Vera, with its natural properties, gives the body the necessary stockpiles for the use of the immune system according to their specific needs. As with vitamins, the Aloe Vera is a source of minerals. All these minerals come from the soil, rich in minerals itself, and so, the Aloe Vera plant and its roots absorb all these minerals and incorporate them in the leaves. Among them, calcium, iron, sodium, potassium, manganese and copper are some of the minerals that can be found in Aloe Vera. It is known that to maintain the well-being of a human body, it is necessary that the body constantly restore the mineral levels inside the body.

    This can be achieved by drinking the Aloe Vera gel, which naturally provides the necessary minerals for the body. So, the natural constitution of the Aloe Vera plant makes it an interesting product to be consumed, and brings a lot of benefits to the human body, that will be listed below.


    The Aloe Vera gel is rich in enzymes with high power to fight free radicals that accumulate in our bodies and particularly in our skin. Considering that, they can cause the aging of the skin and can lead to a high number of diseases. The ability of Aloe Vera gel sweeps these harmful free radicals in our body, thereby, slowing down aging and restoring skin damage caused by sun exposure. It is also rich in proline that makes up our collagen, restoring softness and tone to the skin. The vitamins presented in aloe Vera stimulate increased oxygenation and removal of potential harmful toxins that are accumulated in the skin. So, a daily intake of aloe Vera gel or a continued use of aloe Vera cosmetics can reverse the harmful effects of aging, pollution and of chronic diseases.


    Aloe Vera is also an effective agent to not only reduce but also to stabilize the body mass index. The action of Aloe Vera gel on body weight is multifaceted, making it suitable for different population groups and individuals. Aloe Vera stimulates the metabolic rate in the liver cells, helping you burn more energy. The activity of each cell increases, leading to a heat formation. The increased amount of fuel needed for this task is derived from carbohydrates and fat deposits in the body, so this has a direct effect on the body mass index.

    Aloe Vera also has a high content of the collagen protein. The intake of dietary protein increases, and the proteins are naturally difficult to digest, so the body uses more energy to assimilate them into the system. Also, Aloe Vera reduces transit time that food spends in the intestine. The faster the food moves in the intestines, the less it is absorbed, highlighting the actions of Aloe Vera on the body mass index.


    The glycosides aloin and aloetic acid that are present in Aloe Vera provide a natural and extraordinary antibiotic capacity to this plant, favoring a more effective immune response.


    This action is provided by the properties of anthracenes and anthraquinones and also by the enzyme bradicinase. This enzyme stimulates the action of macrophages, the main cells of organic defense that can block the action of bradykinin, responsible for the pain and swelling from trauma and inflammation. It also includes plant steroids, and they act reducing the action of kinins and interleukins involved in the inflammatory response by blocking the production of cholesterol by the lymphocytes in stressful situations.


    The chrysophanic acid in the gel of Aloe Vera offers a depurative property, especially against harmful effects of intestinal bacteria and fungi.


    The production of free radicals in the human body is continuous, due to the constant emotional stress of daily life. All kinds of chronic degenerative diseases, as well as smoking, alcoholism, chronic use of legal and illicit drugs also produce these harmful free radicals. Moreover, certain treatments for chronic diseases can increase the production of these free radicals instead of helping improve the quality of life of patients. The same happens after physical exercises, where we generate many free radicals, especially if the exercises are very strenuous.

    The presence of copper, magnesium and all known vitamins in Aloe Vera gel blocks the production, circulations and the effects of these free radicals in the human body. Vitamin B12, per example, responsible for our good intellectual performance and to restore nerve function is present in Aloe Vera gel. It also contains folic acid, other B vitamins, vitamin E and cysteine, which are great fighters of free radicals, helping to improve our health. This antioxidant effect is also one of the main responsible effects in preventing the development of tumors and for the maintenance of our immune system activity, protecting our genetic material (DNA) and inducing cell death (apoptosis) in the altered cells that our body forms.


    The saponin, cinnamic acid and salicylates in Aloe Vera plant give an antiseptic action to this plant. Also, the presence of Acemannan, that has antiviral effect, regulates the body’s immune defenses, through the increase of cells like macrophages and T lymphocytes.


    Aided by the anti-inflammatory action of the gel, the Aloe Vera also has a regenerative effect on the tissues of the human body. These effects are given by the glucomannan that aids in the repair of tissues and cells that are exposed to physical, chemical and environment factors. It also stimulates the production of reparative cells from the wound and produces collagen to repair the injuries.


    Successive feeding errors can lead to damages affecting the digestive intestinal function. Currently, the small intestine is the largest defense organ of our body. The accumulation of harmful substances adhered to the wall of the intestine prevents that the function as a digestive and defense organ are properly performed. As so, digestion is done improperly and intestinal mucosa is damaged in such a way that it passes toxic substances or proteins that should be digested, and promote the migration of microorganisms that are harmful to the intestinal health. These factors eventually fall into the bloodstream. The immune system in this situation is extremely active, trying to undo harmful effects caused by the damage of the intestine walls. The consequences are allergies, hypoglycemia, digestive disorders, and excessive production of mucus, flatulence, depression, fatigue and edema.

    So, glucomannan, acemannan and anthraquinones of the Aloe Vera reverse these effects by counteracting the effect of enzymes toxic to tissues, improving pancreatic beta cell function, metabolism and also digestibility.


    The Aloe Vera has many enzymes that easily facilitate digestion. In addition, there are several substances in Aloe Vera that are highly nutritious. More than 10 minerals may be mentioned that play various roles in cell metabolism, showing properties ranging from bone and cartilage formation (due to calcium), improvement of cardiac and cellular function (due to magnesium), intervention of chromium in general metabolism and antioxidant power of copper.


    Aloe Vera tooth gel forms a protective layer of enamel and oral mucosa, and it has healing properties. It is a great substitute for toothpaste with fluoride that is so harmful to human health.


    The Aloe Vera gel has 12 natural substances that have shown to improve muscle flexibility and proper functioning of the joints.


    Fibroblasts are cells that can be found in the skin, producing fibers like collagen and elastin. These fibers structure the skin giving you a healthier appearance. The more fibroblast the people have, the younger their skin will remain. Aloe Vera stimulates fibroblasts to replicate more rapidly, thus producing larger amounts of fibers of collagen and elastin. So, Aloe Vera helps the regenerative capacity of the skin.


    Aloe Vera has a wonderful effect in stimulating bowel function, improving intestinal transit and relieving discomfort associated with bowel function.


    Aloe Vera provides a natural balance in many areas of our body, particularly as regards to the intestinal flora. Aloe Vera increases the resistance to unfavorable bacteria and fungi that are presented in the intestines. At certain times of life, people are faced with some imbalances that can bring them some inconveniences. Aloe Vera helps to normalize the situation.

    There are other benefits associated with the use of Aloe Vera, like it minimizes the damage from freezing; it reduces edema caused by arthritis; it reduces infections caused by HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus) and provides nutritional support for the same type of patients; it protects against Lung Cancer; can reduce bleeding and it is antipyretic, reducing fever heat caused by ulcers.

    Each of the above properties can be achieved with one or more types of drugs, but they are normally expensive and have numerous side effects. The Aloe Vera in high concentrations can produce the same results and without side effects!

    So, with vast health benefits and minimal risk of minor side effects, the benefits of Aloe Vera gel are surprisingly amazing. However, it is highly recommended that if you begin to use any new natural supplement or starting a new diet, you consult a professional dietitian, doctor or qualified health care provider so that a more effective plan can be made to suit your needs.

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