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  • What Does an Aloe Vera Gel Do?

    In this list, let’s talk about what does aloe vera gel do? What are its main purposes and other uses? Is it safe?

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    What Does an Aloe Vera Gel Do?

    Known as the plant of immortality, aloe vera gel offers dozens of health benefits. For starters, it’s one of the leading therapies for patients with sunburns. But what does an aloe vera gel do exactly?

    Belonging to the Liliaceae family, this plant is a cactus that grows in dry climates. That’s why it is widely grown in Africa and India. In these parts of the world, aloe vera gel has been used for centuries as a medicine.

    When you break it off, it secretes a gel that you can use to heal your wounds and soothe skin. Studies after studies showed that this plant offers several properties that can be useful in treating several skin conditions.

    What Does an Aloe Vera Gel Do?

    Useful in healing wounds and burns, aloe vera gel can also treat infections, diabetes, elevated blood lipids, etc.

    In this list, let’s talk about the main benefits of aloe vera gel.

    1. Treating Sunburn – What does aloe vera gel do to your sunburn?

    Aloe vera gel has a powerful healing property found at the epithelial level of the skin. It’s a layer that covers the plant’s body. That part of the plant acts as a protective layer, and it replenishes aloe vera’s moisture.

    The nutritional qualities and antioxidant properties of aloe vera gel make it an effective way to heal the skin.

    What Does an Aloe Vera Gel Do?

    2. Moisturizing the skin

    Unlike lotion, aloe vera gel moisturizes your skin without giving it a greasy feeling. It makes it an ideal moisturizer for patients with oily skin.

    If you’re using a mineral-based makeup, the gel can act as a natural moisturizer to prevent skin from drying.

    Men, too, can use it as an aftershave treatment. With its healing properties, the gel can treat small cuts as a result of shaving.

    3. Treating acne

    The gel in this plan has auxin and gibberellins. They are natural hormones that offer anti-inflammatory properties and wound healing qualities, thereby, allowing this gel to reduce any skin inflammations.

    What Does an Aloe Vera Gel Do?

    The gibberellin in this plant acts as a growth hormone that stimulates new cells growth. As a result, it enables skin to heal quickly, thereby, minimizing scarring.

    As reduces skin inflammations, it helps your skin to heal more rapidly. For that reason, it is used as a treatment for chronic skin problems in Ayurvedic medicine.

    4. Fighting aging

    Skin aging is inevitable. When your skin ages, you’ll be left worrying about fine lines. Your skin will also lose its elasticity.

    What Does an Aloe Vera Gel Do?

    With the help of aloe’s antioxidants, this plant can assist you in improving skin’s natural firmness, allowing your skin to keep hydrated.

    5. Reducing stretch marks

    During pregnancy or rapid weight gain, your skin stretches too far causing extreme damage to skin’s elasticity. And it’s one of the reasons you have unsightly stretch marks.

    These marks can be alleviated by applying aloe vera gel.

    6. Providing nutrients to the skin

    Aloe vera gel contains dozens of nutrients, such as enzymes, vitamins and minerals, and several others. It’s one of the reasons it is included in various skin care products.


    7. Treating gum disease

    Yes, even your gums can be treated well by an aloe vera gel. When you apply it topically, the gel can reduce gum bleeding and inflammation. It also relieves gum swelling.

    It can also clean areas of your mouth that routine cleaning can’t be done. Thanks to the gel’s antiseptic properties.

    With its anti-fungal properties, aloe vera gel can help denture stomatitis, cracked corners of your mouth and several others.

    8. Improving digestion

    In addition to the plant’s external benefits, aloe vera’s internal benefits are also amazing. Several studies showed that it improves digestion and relieves ulcers.

    What Does an Aloe Vera Gel Do?

    It acts as a laxative, and it can normalize your digestive system. As a result, you’ll soon experience regular bowel movement.

    Apart from those uses, you can also drink the aloe vera juice for arthritis and rheumatism.

    9. Treating hair fall

    Aloe vera gel has proteolytic enzymes that actually repair dead skin cells on your scalp. It can act as a natural conditioner, thereby, leaving your hair smooth and shiny.

    Furthermore, this plant promotes hair growth while it prevents itchy scalp and reduces dandruff. According to some studies, aloe vera gel has keratin-like properties that can rejuvenate hair to give it more elasticity and prevent breakage.

    What Does an Aloe Vera Gel Do? Aloe vera’s uses don’t stop there. In this list, let’s look at some of the plant’s uses but with insufficient evidence.

    1. Anal fissures
    Some early studies showed that by applying aloe gel three times a day for three weeks can improve pain and accelerate wound healing. However, you must use it along with laxative, eating a fibre-rich diet. It is also vital that you undergo sits bath three times a day.

    2. Cancer

    If it is given with standard chemotherapy, aloe vera gel is said to be useful in patients with lung cancer by controlling the disease. But it must be taken three times a day with fresh aloe and honey dissolved in alcohol.

    What Does an Aloe Vera Gel Do?

    Then again, taking aloe does not lower your risk of getting such cancer.

    3. Diabetes

    Aloe vera’s ability to reduce blood sugar is conflicting. Some studies showed that by taking it by mouth, it might reduce blood sugar in patients with type 2 diabetes.

    However, in another study, it did not show the same use or benefit. Other studies also suggested that by taking a particular aloe gel product twice a day did not affect the blood sugar levels of patients with pre-diabetes or diabetes.

    What Does an Aloe Vera Gel Do?

    4. Diaper rash

    Early studies showed that by applying an aloe vera gel with olive oil three times a day could reduce diaper rash appearance in kids.

    5. Hepatitis

    There’s also insufficient studies about aloe’s ability to reduce hepatitis symptoms, especially in patients with liver fibrosis as a result of hepatitis B or C.

    6. Insect repellent

    Some products available containing aloe vera gel, coconut oil, and jojoba oil are said to reduce sand fleas in patients with flea infestations. These products should be applied to the feed twice a day for at least a week.

    What Does an Aloe Vera Gel Do?

    Are there side effects of using aloe vera gel?

    When the aloe vera gel is applied to the skin, it is likely to be safe. It is also safe to be used as a cosmetic.

    If it is taken by mouth, it is possibly safe. Studies showed that aloe gel is safe to be taken by mouth in a dose of 15 ml.

    Pregnant women should avoid taking it without first consulting their physician. It may or may not cause birth defects. There’s a report that it is associated with miscarriage.

    What Does an Aloe Vera Gel Do?

    If you have kidney problems, taking high doses of aloe may aggravate your condition leading to kidney failure and other serious medical conditions.

    What other uses of aloe vera gel?

    Besides those applications mentioned above, aloe vera gel has other uses. You may use it as a makeup remover. When you get the ugly raccoon eyes, don’t reach for makeup removers as they contain harsh chemicals. They can only dry your skin.

    Instead, use aloe vera gel to remove your makeup. To use it, squeeze pure aloe gel onto a clean cotton ball. And wipe the makeup away.

    What Does an Aloe Vera Gel Do?
    Did you know that you could also use it as a shaving cream?

    Beauty buffs swear by using pure aloe as their perfect shaving cream. It’s not surprising given that aloe vera contains anti-bacterial gel, which can be very great for nicks. Since it’s slippery, you can have a nice close shave. Plus, it moisturizes your skin.

    You may choose to use it on its own or mix it wth other nourishing ingredients.

    Did you also know that you can use it as a soothing ice cube?

    What Does an Aloe Vera Gel Do?
    We all know that aloe vera gel is effective in treating wounds. So, if you have run-ins with your stove or a poison ivy, you can use a soothing aloe ice cube.

    To make a soothing ice cube, simply fill an ice cube tray with aloe vera gel. Then, freeze it. Store the cubes in a freezer safe container.

    Aloe vera gel as a face wash

    It’s another use of this plant. Simply mix it with a teaspoon of almond milk and another teaspoon of lemon. Wash your face with this mixture and allow it to stay on your face for a few minutes. Then, rinse your face.

    What Does an Aloe Vera Gel Do?

    As mentioned earlier, aloe vera gel contains anti-bacterial properties, making it ideal for patients with sensitive skin. It’s also perfect for breakouts and rosacea.

    Or use it as an exfoliator. Exfoliating your skin isn’t a pleasant part of grooming. However, exfoliation is vital to reveal fresh, glowing skin. Aloe is commonly used as a homemade scrub as it softens your skin and supplies it with oxygen. Then, it strengthens your skin tissue giving you a vibrant skin.

    So, go on. Use it on your elbows, heels, arms and other parts of your body that need softening.

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