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  • How Many Times Do I Have to Drink Herbalife Tea to Lose Weight?

    Herbalife tea concentrate can help shift excess pounds. But how should you drink it to lose weight?

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    HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO DRINK HERBALIFE TEA TO LOSE WEIGHT?“When there’s tea, there’s hope.” Arthur Wing Pinero


    How Should I Drink Herbalife Tea to Lose Weight?

    You may drink it as often as you want. Since it contains caffeine, it is best to consider how your body responds to it.

    It is unrealistic to give it a general rule. For the rest of the writers and me at Vim Ch’i, we take it two times a day (sometimes five), instead of drinking coffee. For your weight loss goal, you need to pair it with proper diet and exercise. As mentioned in our in-depth review of Herbalife tea for weight loss, drinking tea, alone, won’t help you shed some pounds if you don’t exercise or limit your calorie intake.

    This means that you can’t just sit back and drink tea all day and your extra weight will go away.

    Boost Your Metabolism

    Herbalife tea can boost your metabolism. In fact, some supermodels claimed that drinking it boosted their metabolism and helped them drop from big size to a smaller size.

    Apart from that, the tea helped them stay slim and keep them looking younger, despite their real age.

    Then again, if you continue eating junk foods and take in more calories, you’d never lose weight with tea alone.

    Suppress Appetite

    To help you burn more calories with Herbalife tea, you should have regular exercise. When you drink it before meals, you’d likely to eat less as this tea can suppress appetite.

    However, you can also drink it after meals to help your body in burning fats.

    The Number of Times

    Just like other teas and food items, you have to drink it in moderation. No matter how useful Herbalife tea is, it would be a waste if you drink it more than 10 times a day.

    And, you’ll never lose weight if you add milk or sugar in it as these two elements can only increase your calorie intake.

    If you really want to lose weight with Herbalife tea, you should not add sugar or milk.

    When is the Best Time to Drink the Herbalife tea?

    It is best to drink it in the morning, in an empty stomach. Or you can take it after working out. Since it contains caffeine, avoid drinking it near bedtime.

    Health Benefits

    Don’t just focus on the slimming benefits of this tea. Instead, look into its other health benefits, like lowering your risk of heart disease, strokes, Alzheimer’s and cancer.

    It also contains a natural source of fluoride that’s essential to have healthy teeth. Although it does contain caffeine, it’s not enough to cause an excessive diuretic effect.

    That said, even if a cup of Herbalife tea won’t make you slim overnight, it won’t do you any harm. You can lose weight with it when you pair it with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

    Then, skip the sugar and milk. Instead of drinking soda, try taking this tea to quench your thirst. Remember, Herbalife tea can be taken hot or cold.

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