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  • Optimum Nutrition – Know The Number One Cause Of Chronic Disease

    This post tackles how optimum nutrition prevents the number one culprit of chronic disease.

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    Optimum Nutrition

    Through optimum nutrition, you can avoid suffering from a chronic disease, which is usually caused by high blood pressure.

    Optimum Nutrition to Avoid High Blood Pressure

    According to medical statistics, the number one cause of any type of chronic disease isn’t bad genes or high cholesterol. Rather, it’s high blood pressure.

    This is one of the reasons it’s called the “silent killer.”

    However, high blood pressure can be easily alleviated and prevented through optimum nutrition. In fact, doctors list it as a condition that can be avoided or treated. So, if you’ve untreated HBP, then you should consider dealing with it now. Don’t wait for the moment when it’s already too late for it to be treated.

    Intra-Abdominal Fat

    Apart from high blood pressure, intra-abdominal fat can also cause chronic disease. It’s a kind of fat found within the belly. It surrounds the internal organs and contributes to several diseases, like diabetes and heart attack. People with larger waistline have this type of fat.

    Insulin Resistance

    Insulin resistance is the third high ranking disease risk. In this medical condition, your body doesn’t use the insulin, which is a hormone that transports blood sugar into the cells. One of the main reasons you might have insulin resistance is your sedentary lifestyle. Furthermore, the food that you crave might be the ones that can raise blood sugar quickly, which can lead to wearing out of your body’s ability to respond to insulin. As your body continues to become resistant to insulin, you’re more likely to suffer from diabetes, which can cause heart attack and stroke.

    These three causes of chronic disease have something in common, besides the fact that they can all cause chronic heart disease. They all have the same solution.

    That is, if everybody will just try to lose weight, exercise more often and eat more fruit and vegetables, these three can be significantly reduced.

    In order to achieve optimum nutrition, you need to have positive relationship not just with your body but also with your family and friends. According to doctors, having a happy relationship with family and friends can help reduce the stress factors in your life. As a result, you can combat depression. Keep in mind that stress contributes to a major disease.

    What happens to your mind (and heart) may significantly affect your body. And when you’re suffering from chronic stress, your immune system weakens. It increases your stress hormones, such as cortisol. Keep in mind that having high amount of cortisol in the body will cause you to stay up night, which can cause your blood pressure to rise. It can also contribute to high blood sugar and raises your intra-abdominal fat.

    Eat Less, Exercise More

    The key to optimum nutrition is to eat less but exercise more. It’s also recommended that you have fun while you still can. Maintaining a healthy, meaningful social interaction is also important for your mind and body. Taking of natural supplements may also help in preventing disease. You should also consider having a family doctor, who can further give you advice on how to improve health and achieve optimum nutrition.

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