• Prevent Age Related Macular Degeneration Through Vision Health with Lutein

    Age related macular degeneration can happen to anyone. But you can prevent this eye disease from ruining your life by opting to use this product every day.


    Vision Health with Lutein is made by Nutrilite. It contains the following main ingredients:

    • Lutein
    • Bilberry extract
    • Black currant extract
    • Spinach concentrate
    • Vitamin A acetate

    How to take it?

    To obtain its maximum benefits, you need to take 2 tabs once a day. But you must take them with food.


    For every 2 tablets, you’ll get:

    • 700 IU of Vitamin A
    • 10 mg of Lutein
    • 105 mg of Bilberry extract
    • 52.5 mg of Black Currant Extract
    • 31.5mg of Spinach Concentrate

    Functions of the main ingredients

    • Lutein. It’s the main component of the central part of your retina, i.e. the macula. Being healthy requires you to take care of your eyes by taking enough lutein to support macula’s health, thereby, preventing age related macular degeneration.
    • Vitamin A. It’s one of the main nutrients that support healthy eyesight and maintain great vision at night.
    • Bilberry and black currant. They contain anti-oxidants that protect your eyes against the damaging effects of free radicals and UV.


    Even though Vision Health with Lutein supports your goal of being healthy and avoiding age related macular degeneration, you also need to follow a balanced diet. Make sure that you consume fruits and vegetables that support normal eyesight and maintain healthy night vision.


    The ingredients of this product are all natural. Nevertheless, you still need to consult your physician before taking it. This is especially true if you’re pregnant, lactating or having a certain medical condition.


    When you regularly take Vision Health with Lutein, you’ll experience an improvement in your vision. However, you must not assume that it’ll bring back your 20/20 vision or cure your age related macular degeneration. As previously mentioned, it’s a supplement that PREVENTS said eye disease.

    About the author

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