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  • 7 Fitness Techniques Of Jamie Dornan – The New Christian Grey

    Jamie Dornan is the new Christian Grey. But he’s not only a person with a beautiful face. He’s also a man with sculpted torso that’s probably the reason he’s been selected for the main role on Fifty Shades of Grey.

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    Jamie Dornan will become a household name after he’s been tapped to play the role of Christian Grey. We do like him on Once Upon A Time as Sheriff Graham. But Ian Somerhalder was still our number 1 Grey. Nevertheless, we think he can be a great Christian Grey in the upcoming movie, which will be released in 2014.

    Jamie Dornan

    Jamie isn’t new to the fitness world. In fact, he’s a former model of Calvin Klein. But did you know that he’s really not obsessed about his physique. But he does workout to build those muscles and maintain his fitter figure.

    1. Skiing

    Jamie loves skiing. He works really hard at it because he believes that after skiing, he deserved to reward himself for his exertions.

    2. Bodyweight drills

    Jamie Dornan doesn’t go to the gym as often as other celebrities or models do. But his in-demand body in global advertising is the result of working on his upper body that involves a series of bodyweight drills. Even though he’s been very busy with his work schedule, he uses his downtime to work on his arms and core with press-ups and crunches.

    3. Goes to the gym to de-stress

    Many people do go to the gym in order to lose weight or maintain their ideal weight. But with Jamie Dornan, he goes to the gym to pump away stress. For him, it does work.

    4. Press ups each day

    As previously mentioned, he’s not a gym addict. But he’s not a stranger to the world of workouts. His sculpted torso that has attracted beautiful women in Britain, including Keira Knightley, is a result of everyday press-ups. First thing in the morning, he performs 50 press ups and loads more of it throughout the day.

    For him, press-ups are a perfect way to bulk up. This could be the result of his lifelong obsession with the sport rugby.

    5. Workout variations

    Jamie Dornan opts for workout variations. Although he likes press-ups, he’s also into various sports, like rugby, skiing, and golf. He has also tried the weight loss benefits of yoga and Pilates.

    6. Drinks water… a lot of it

    As much as he can, he drinks plenty of water. There are some people who believe that drinking a lot of water each day would cause them to gain weight. But it’s not at all true. Water improves digestion, as long as you don’t drink too much of it while eating. The best timing is to drink a glass of water 30 minutes before. Then, drink it each time you feel hungry. It helps you feel full so you don’t reach out to an unhealthy snack.

    7. Swimming

    Jamie Dornan’s muscle strength is also the result of taking on swimming. It’s a non-bearing workout that’s great for building muscle strength and reducing your risk of getting injury.

    Christian Grey’s character on 50 Shades of Grey is a very fit person. Although we couldn’t remember E.L. James, the author of the book, describing Christian to have sculpted torso or six-pack abs, we know for sure that Jamie Dornan is a perfect person to portray the role of Christian Grey, a BDSM addict and a billionaire.


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