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  • In-Depth Review of Herbalife Tea Concentrate for Weight Loss

    Herbalife tea concentrate promises to help you in your 6-week weight loss journey and avoid weight loss surgery. But can you really lose weight by just drinking this tea? This in-depth review about Herbalife tea concentrate will help you understand why it may or it may not help with weight loss. Sure. It’s low in calories. It’s a refreshing tea and a great alternative to soda. But what can it do to your body?

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    My Personal Opinion About Herbalife Tea Concentrate  As An Alternative to Weight Loss Surgery

    In Depth Review of Herbalife Concentrate Tea for Weight Loss

    If you are currently on the everyday struggle to lose weight, then you can appreciate just how hard it can be to find legitimate products that actually have some beneficial properties for your body and will aid you in your progress to lose weight, instead of undergoing weight loss surgery.

    There are of course many products out there that promise the heavens and the Earth in terms of losing weight, and essentially give you unrealistic expectations of what one simple drug/consumable can achieve in terms of helping you to burn off your excess weight with little to no effort on your behalf.

    Herbalife is different. Herbalife is a tea concentrate, which through antioxidants, thermogenic properties, energy and a low-calorie content, will help you significantly on your 6-week weight loss journey.

    However, unlike many companies, there is no promise of this being an overnight solution, and it is simply considered a fat burner.

    Alas, some of the effects of this particular herbal tea far outstretch some of the other products that only claim to do well for your body, and actually can be rather harmful.

    Can herbal tea be considered as one of the best alternative weight loss options?

    There are some users of various herbal teas in the past, who have been amazed by the results produced on a daily basis, and some have even stated that as a result of drinking herbal teas, they have lost 10 pounds within their 6-week weight loss plan.

    Of course, whether or not these statements are in fact valid is another question in itself, but there is some evidence to suggest that Herbalife MAY help you lose 10 pounds overtime (NOT OVERNIGHT), without undergoing weight loss surgery. 

    Obviously, no herbal tea is going to produce such outcomes overnight, and you will have to be willing to continue using to see any substantial weight loss from this product.

    Nevertheless, the addition of herbal teas into your regular diet is by no means a bad thing, and in many cases highly beneficial to the quality of your life! In fact, you can use this as part of your lose weight fast diet.

    What Herbalife Tea Does to Your Body

    Like most health-related products on the market today, the results of using Herbalife tea will vary from person to person, as no one’s body is quite the same in structure or the way it reacts to certain things.

    Although with that being said, this product has many benefits that mean regardless of whether Herbalife works as a solution to your weight loss plateau, taking it will still provide you with other health benefits that are worth considering.

    For instance, if you are looking to find an alternative to highly caffeinated energy drinks such as Red Bull, this can be a great solution as it can boost your energy levels, without the unbearable crash at the end.

    It will also be a beneficial way to eliminate some of the sugar that gets in your diet through sodas, which will further enhance your weight loss and avoid weight loss surgery. 

    Many people do not quite grasp the fact that the quantity of sugar in soda is one of the biggest contributors to obesity in the U.S, and limiting your intake of soda will greatly improve your chances of losing weight in less than 6 weeks.

    Do You Burn Calories by Drinking Herbalife Tea

    Another factor of Herbalife tea concentrate is just how many calories it will burn through daily usage.

    It would be reasonable to assume that such a product as this would not be too effective at burning calories like the “super-pills” that are on the market can, however, it is estimated that just one glass of this herbal tea will burn 70 calories.

    Of course, this further enriched when combined with a good amount of exercise, as well as a healthy balanced diet, but imagine what the extra 70 less calories per drink could do for your 6-week weight loss goals.

    Additionally, you need to consider how many calories you are saving yourself if you use Herbalife tea instead of sodas, which often contain high amounts of both sugar and calories and hinder your weight loss significantly.

    With this considered, you might even be looking towards saving yourself from a total of 210 calories per drink. (Based on the 140 calories per can of coke.) You’ll also save your money from undergoing weight loss surgery. 

    How does Herbalife tea make you lose weight within 6 weeks?

    As already briefly mentioned, Herbalife tea utilizes several different methods to help you to lose weight and keep your body in good shape, thereby, avoiding weight loss surgery. 

    The first crucial method used is to offer you some essential anti-oxidants that will help you to both cleanse out your system, as well as exterminate other toxins that may well be causing you to gain weight despite your best efforts.

    These antioxidants will also work to eliminate any harmful chemicals that are lingering in your body, which can cause you to become ill or develop problems later on in your life.

    The second method that this tea concentrate uses to make you lose weight is by being very low in calorific content. What this means is that as a result of drinking this herbal tea, you are actually losing calories rather than gaining them, which is excellent in terms of weight loss and keeping your diet within your recommended calorie range.

    Thirdly, Herbalife tea provides you with an extra boost in energy, which aside from being a good alternative to sodas and energy drinks, will help you to avoid sugary snacks hence supporting your weight loss goals.

    With all of these factors put into proper consideration, it goes without saying that Herbalife tea has some effective methods of helping you to lose weight and avoiding weight loss surgery. It is also highly beneficial for other aspects of your health aside from just weight loss.

    It is highly advisable that you consider swapping out one of your favourite sodas for Herbalife instead, and within a week you would have greatly reduced your intake of sugar and calories.

    Will the Herbalife tea help me lose weight and fight weight loss plateau?

    Once again it needs to be considered that the results from products such as Herbalife tea will be different from person to person, and whilst there is no guarantee that you will in fact lose weight as a result of using Herbalife tea alone, it is an incredible way to keep the other aspects of your health in check.

    Consider this, would you rather take an artificial product that is guaranteed to help you to lose weight, but may also have to fairly adverse effects on the rest of your system, or alternatively, would you like to take a natural product that may or may not help you to lose weight, but will certainly provide you with some other benefits that will keep your system in good standing?

    Furthermore, the only true way to know if Herbalife tea will help you to lose weight is to try it for yourself and keep a record of your progress to see if the product works for you.

    Whilst there is absolutely nothing wrong with going with what the experts in the field may say, no two people are quite the same and therefore not everyone will respond to the product in the same fashion.

    Here’s a vide on how to prepare this tea for your health and wellness.

    How does Herbalife tea burn calories and prevent weight loss plateau?

    One question that you may have about this product is how exactly it burns calories even if you do not combine it with a sufficient amount of exercise.

    The answer is simply due to the fact that Herbalife tea has such a low-calorie content, that the process of digesting the tea will burn more calories than taking it in the first place.

    There are other foods that have similar properties such as Celery and cinnamon, which are considered “super-foods” simply because not only are they good for your health, but they also burn more calories through digestion than they give you through consumption.

    Also, some of the other properties of Herbalife are sure to optimize your system in burning as many calories as possible and provide your body with the necessary energy to continue working effectively throughout the day.

    Through research into the ingredients of this herbal tea, it is estimated that through just one serving you could potentially lose around 70 calories, which is incredible for just drinking some tea.

    Combined with the fact that there are little to no side effects associated with the usage of this product (even after drinking a total of 4 cups), there is little that should deter you from trying this out for yourself.

    Does Herbalife tea help burn fat and fight weight loss plateau?

    Herbalife tea in itself is described as a Fat Burner. It is, in fact, an effective fat burner. Even after just one month of using this product, many users have reported that not only did they feel significantly lighter as a whole, but in terms of appearance they could notice that they were somewhat slimmer.

    Granted, these results could be justified by however much exercise and dieting they were doing in the background of using this product, although there is still evidence to suggest that Herbalife tea has fat burning attributes.

    Is Herbalife tea worthy of investment for your 6-week weight loss plan?

    During my month of using this product, I can happily say that not only do I feel a lot better than when I did when I was regularly consuming sodas but also I have noticed that I have lost some weight and generally my health is in good standing.

    The switch to tea from soda was a bit of an adjustment, to say the least, but after the first week I had to some extent lost the need for soda, and instead, I was turning to this herbal tea for my daily ‘revive’.

    Nevertheless, it could be argued that this tea is not worth purchasing as there are other herbal teas on the market, such as your typical green tea that does offer some of the same benefits.

    However, the extra advantages such as maintenance of your blood sugar, the range of antioxidants and the calorie burning properties make this product (in my opinion at least) more than worthwhile.


    The following are the benefits of using this herbal tea, and why you might want to consider it as a part of your healthy balanced diet, whilst on your 6-week weight loss journey.

    Remember that these are just factors to consider when deciding whether you should purchase this product, and are plausible to vary for different users.

    • It contains a low amount of calories.
    • It is an effective way to help manage your blood sugar level.
    • It has plenty of antioxidants.
    • It can help to boost your energy levels, and therefore aid you in losing weight.
    • It has little to no side effects.
    • It is a great replacement for sodas and other highly caffeinated drinks on the market.
    • It has thermogenic properties, which are commonly found in green tea.


    Despite the many benefits of using this herbal tea, it is important that I highlight the following drawbacks of using this product, which may or may not make you want to consider potentially not purchasing it.

    This is just so that I give you a fair representation of this product, which is neither biased nor overlooking some of the drawbacks that are present.

    • It does contain some caffeine, which can build up through multiple servings each day.
    • You may have to purchase this product from a Herbalife distributor instead of going into a department store. Or buy it from here, which means that you will have to wait/pay for delivery.
    • It is not an overnight solution to your weight loss and needs time to be fully effective.
    • It is quite expensive for a regular Joe, compared with green tea that you can find at your local shop.


    Judging by the comparatively small list of drawbacks to advantages, it goes without saying that this is a great product for you to try out if you are having some difficulty with your 6-week weight loss journey.

    This product is not only a helpful way to keep your calorie count down during the day, but it tastes nice, has a healthy amount of antioxidants, which can help in other areas of your body, and could be the perfect solution if you are currently stuck on drinking sodas.

    For the reasons stated above, if you are currently looking for a healthy yet effective solution to your weight loss problem, and you are willing to do other things such as eat healthily and exercise during the day, then this is the perfect product for you.

    Regardless of whether it helps you to lose weight or not, it is a great alternative to the many drinks on the market, which are devastating for your health, and it has an outstanding taste even without adding sugar.

    Altogether, I believe that this product deserves a rating of 8.5 out of 10, for not only being a healthy way to lose weight, but one that is effective at fat burning and keeping your calories count as low as possible.

    Something else that is worth noting is that the price (though expensive) will save you some money compared to purchasing other drinks, such as sodas and other health products alike, and avoid weight loss surgery.

    To see other reviews of this product, be sure to visit and see what other users have to say. As of late Herbalife has scored a 4 out of 5 based on a total of 12 others user’s experiences.

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