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  • Does Green Tea Help Lose Fat?

    If green tea does help in losing fats, how? When is the best time to drink green tea for weight loss?

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    Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages. It contains antioxidants and substances that can boost your health. Several studies showed that green tea could increase your body’s fat-burning ability, thereby, helping you lose fat and weight.

    One of the substances in green tea that can help in melting body fat is caffeine. Although the caffeine content is less than having a cup of coffee, it’s still enough to give you a beneficial effect. This substance is known as a powerful stimulant that can aid in burning fats and enhance exercise performance. 1

    In addition to caffeine, green tea has massive antioxidants content, especially catechins. The most beneficial antioxidant in this tea is EGCG that boosts metabolism. 2 The benefits of green tea are derived from drinking it as a beverage or taking it as a tea extract in a supplement.

    When is the best time to drink green tea for weight loss?

    You must avoid drinking it on an empty stomach. In one study, it showed that green tea extracts could cause adverse effects on the liver. 3

    Instead of having it like a morning cup of tea, drink it two hours before or after meals to help in maximizing nutrient intake. But don’t drink it with a meal. The reason for this is that the catechins in this beverage prevent the absorption of iron from your diet. 4

    However, if you wish to drink it with a meal, make sure that you take food that increases iron absorption, such as red meat, lemon or milk.

    But never take it before bedtime. It’s not the right kind of drink that you consume because it won’t put your body into a peaceful slumber. The caffeine content in green tea can make you stay awake at night instead. Keep in mind that caffeine is a stimulant that disrupts sleep.

    Although it contains L-theanine that may calm you down, it also can keep you alert and focus. Thus, getting a good night’s sleep.

    Furthermore, green tea is a diuretic that makes you go to the toilet frequently. And night-time toilet visits can surely interrupt your sleep.

    In as much as you wish to drink green tea to help you lose fat while you’re sleeping, avoid it before bedtime.

    Although green tea helps in losing fat, it won’t make you take in fewer calories automatically. But it may reduce your appetite. However, studies showed conflicting results. There are animal studies that suggested the effects of this tea on appetite. Yet, the results have not been confirmed in humans.

    Nevertheless, green tea can, indeed, help in losing body fats. The best time to drink it is before or after meals. But not early in the morning on an empty stomach. Although it can help in burning more fats, it may not affect how much food you consume throughout the day. In other words, it may not help in reducing your appetite. You must also not take it before bedtime as it may disrupt your sleep because of its caffeine content and diuretic effects.


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