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  • Does Herbalife Work? – Rectifying Misconceptions About Herbalife

    Does Herbalife work? This is a pretty common health and wellness question we receive almost every day in our inbox. 

    The question can pertain to different subjects. It could be about the company’s health and wellness products or Herbalife’s MLM business.

    Before we go deeper into this subject, let’s try to get to know about the company – Herbalife.

    What is Herbalife? 

    It’s obviously a MLM company that’s been in the business for decades. Unlike other MLM companies, it lasted more than 30 years, which is truly an impressive feat.

    Many people would assume that because it’s an MLM company, it’s already a scam. If it were a scam, then it would be out of business already. The fact that it has been around for decades, it must be doing something good to the community.

    Does Herbalife work as MLM?

    Just like Amway and any other MLM companies, you need to work hard to make this business work. This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme.

    Most people complain that they’re not making money with Herbalife. The truth is that they didn’t establish a solid sales force. The people within that pack are the ones who order products every month, either to sell them or use them.

    You won’t make money if you’ll just sit there and wait for people to come to you.

    Herbalife MLM does work when you’ve mastered your recruiting skills. Don’t complain about getting tiny commission at first. You must first build a massive organization before you can obtain the income you wish.

    This is how MLM works. You need to undergo marketing training to hone your skills.

    In the Philippines, members of Herbalife are building nutrition clubs for those who wish to achieve their fitness goals. These clubs don’t involve fitness equipment machines. But think of it as a diner, where you see tables and a bar counter where you can make an order. The only difference is that the club only serves nutritious drinks. You can buy its health and wellness products, like Herbalife Formula 1 shake, Herbalife Tea Concentrate, Herbalife Aloe Concentrate drink, etc.

    Joining a nutrition club will help you try the company’s products and know whether or not they work without having to sign up for their IBO.

    Do Herbalife products work? 

    What many people don’t know is that Herbalife doesn’t only focus on weight management products. It has other health and wellness products for hair, body and skin care.

    The products will work on some people, not all. You must understand that every person is different. You have different body chemistry than your spouse or your co-worker. It might work for you but it might not work for your neighbor.

    Do Herbalife weight loss products work? 

    They do work for most users. But you need discipline and commitment if you want them to work. You must have the right attitude to help you achieve your fitness goal.

    The positive side of Herbalife

    • It enjoyed success for decades.
    • All products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
    • You can earn a decent income even if you’re just working at home.
    • It requires a small investment to start an organization that can help you earn thousands to millions of money per year.
    • Many users have verified the effectiveness of the company’s products.

    The negative side of Herbalife

    • The products are very expensive making it difficult for you to sell them to your friends or family members.
    • There’s a tight competition. In Davao City alone, there are hundreds of distributors selling Herbalife’s health and wellness products.

    Wrapping up

    Herbalife MLM and products do work for most people. But they do require hard work and consistency to achieve your business and fitness goals.

    Keep in mind that Warren Buffet didn’t earn billions overnight or just by sitting and waiting for things to happen.

    And people with healthy body didn’t achieve their fitness goals eating junk foods.

    Commitment and consistency are the keys to help you be successful with Herbalife in selling its health and wellness products.

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