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  • Chris Hemsworth Workout to Get Skinny or Build Muscle

    Check out Chris Hemsworth workout to help you get skinny or build muscle. Your choice.

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    Check out Chris Hemsworth workout to help you get skinny or build muscle. Your choice.

    Chris Hemsworth Workout to Get Skinny or Build Muscle

    Jealous much guys!

    Chris Hemsworth has to endure painstaking workout when he got the part of Thor. His workouts include those that can help in losing weight to get rid of his body fats and building muscle.

    He doesn’t have a beautiful face like Brad Pitt but Chris Hemsworth truly has a god-like body that any man would dream of.

    Chris Hemsworth workout involves bodybuilding approach. He teamed up with Duffy Gaver, who’s a former Navy SEAL. The god-like workout of Chris focuses on building muscles on arms and shoulders.

    It’s important because Thor rarely goes shirtless; rather he often appears to be wearing sleeveless. Chris Hemsworth gained 20 pounds for his recurring role in The Avengers and solo role in Thor.

    The basic template

    Chris’s trainer applied the basic template for his workout. Despite the application of original template to obtain that god-like body, Chris performs some variations every now and then to make things interesting and prevent plateaus.

    Gaver is known for his simple training methods, even though he has high-powered clients, like Chris. He doesn’t attempt to use new and exotic exercises.

    As to why? Gaver believes that the old method works because those products available today were not around during the first Mr. Olympia. That’ll surely tell you something.

    Those celebrities who wish to copy Chris Hemsworth workout usually end up being disappointed.


    It’s because they don’t work hard for it. They know they have a timeline for a movie they’re making. But Chris’s body is the result of hard work and not just the desire of blowing up his body for the sake of his movie.

    Is he on steroids?

    Of course, many of us think that the reason for his god-like body isn’t just the result of his workout but he’s using a substance to help him achieve such a gorgeous, to-die for body.

    But Gaver said that Chris Hemsworth didn’t and doesn’t touch a substance or inject himself of steroids.

    What’s his secret then?

    Apart from his workout, he also eats red meat, lifts heavy weight and drink protein powder.

    His workout routines will include the following:

    1. Pull up bar

    Chris Hemsworth Workout to Get Skinny or Build Muscle

    Cmon! You can do it.

    It’s a convenient workout because you’ll only need one thing – a bar. You can find a metal pole and hang it in your laundry room.

    If you want a more sophisticated pull up bar, you may want to invest in a more modern muscle building exercise equipment.

    2. General pushup

    Chris Hemsworth Workout to Get Skinny or Build Muscle

    Push Push Push it some more.

    Yes, the ordinary pushup that you perform each day can help you achieve a Thor-like body.

    Of course, don’t expect instant results.

    Chris Hemsworth didn’t get that body after a day of working out in the gym. It took him a few weeks before having that body.

    3. Barbell bench press

    Chris Hemsworth Workout to Get Skinny or Build Muscle

    Ugh!!!! Too heavy!!!

    This must be included in your workout because it works your upper body muscles. As a result of that, you’ll achieve muscle definition and muscle strength in the chest area.

    It’s one of the gym workouts to lose weight as it increases muscle mass while reducing body fats.

    4. Back Squat

    Chris Hemsworth Workout to Get Skinny or Build Muscle

    Looks easy, eh?

    It’s one of the favorite workouts to lose weight by bodybuilders and athletes because it works. Back squat and other types of squat stimulate the release of testosterone and other muscle-building hormones. It lets you build muscle anywhere in your body, not just focus on the lower half.

    Back squat must be stable if you’re trying to build six-pack abs and lose body fats. But you must include front squat involving a barbell being held in front of your body.

    5. Walking lunge

    Chris Hemsworth Workout to Get Skinny or Build Muscle

    Let’s do that lunge!

    It’s both a resistance training and cardio workout. No wonder it’s included in Chris Hemsworth workout. Because of its nature, it strengthens your ligaments and the muscles surrounding the joints.

    It tones the butt. Have you seen Chris’ butt? Yes, that’s the proof.

    6. Standing calf raise

    Chris Hemsworth Workout to Get Skinny or Build Muscle

    Almost there!

    It’s like pull up bar. You can perform it anywhere. Standing calf raise strengthens your calf muscles and stabilizes your ankles and feet. Many bodybuilders neglect their lower legs and simply focus on thighs and hips.

    But skipping this part of your body will only increase your chances of getting injured. It’s one of the reasons it’s included in the workout routine of Chris. His trainer wants to avoid injury while his working out and building muscles.

    7. Military press

    Chris Hemsworth Workout to Get Skinny or Build Muscle

    Just look at those shoulders!

    It’s a shoulder exercise that helps in losing body fats while building muscles around that area. Because it works on your front torso muscles, it gives you toned, muscled upper-body, like Chris.

    Military press may be a shoulder exercise but it helps in developing big arms.

    8. Skull crusher

    Chris Hemsworth Workout to Get Skinny or Build Muscle


    It’s a cool name but it makes you wonder why it works if it crushes your skull. Skull crusher is also called lying triceps extension that lets you bellow like a Viking.

    It’s one of the best gym workouts to lose weight and build massive triceps. Some people think that it won’t help in building muscles because of its isolation movement. However, experts believe that everything depends on how you perform such exercise.

    You must start with an elastic band, curl bar or two dumbbells. With its results, it must be part of your tricep workouts.

    9. General plank

    Chris Hemsworth Workout to Get Skinny or Build Muscle

    Bet you can’t be in this position for 1 minute.

    Planking works your upper abs, obloquies, lower back and entire abs. It builds stabilizer muscles and strengthens your muscles for pushups. This type of gym workout can promote good posture as it strengthens your lower back.

    What’s great about this Chris Hemsworth workout is that it doesn’t need equipment. All you have to do is to face down on the floor and push of the floor.

    These are just some of the Chris Hemsworth workout routines that you can perform to bulk up and/or lose weight.

    Even if you perform all of these workouts, you might still fail to have a god-like body. Why? Here are some reasons.

    Why you might fail to have a body like Chris Hemsworth?

    1. You’re too skinny.

    Chris is lean and not skinny. You may have a hint of abs, like Gabriel Mann but you won’t gain muscles if you refuse to eat more protein.

    It’s true that Chris Hemsworth was once a skinny guy. But he bulked up and look at him now.

    To fix this problem, you should track your intake. Grab an app that can automatically compute your calorie intake on a daily basis. In this way, you’ll know whether or not you’re eating enough to bulk up.

    2. You’re overweight.

    If you’re not skinny then you’re overweight. But don’t fret. Chris Pratt was once obese but look at his physique now. Gorgeous!

    Before you have a body like Chris Hemsworth, you must first lose your body fats to gain muscle. Cut down your calorie intake before you start thinking of bulking up. It’s easier to gain muscles when you’re leaner.

    If you do gain muscle when you’re still overweight, the result won’t be nice. You’ll look unconditioned and sloppy.

    To lose body fat and gain muscles, you need to eat less. It’s easy to say but it’s difficult to do. True.

    But there are ways to ease that out. One of them is to know your maintenance level calories. They’re calories that you need to eat to maintain your current weight.

    A caloric deficit is needed to lose the body fats. It’s highly recommended that you eat less than 500 calories than your maintenance level. This will help you lose a pound of fat a week.

    Focus on protein. And obtain at least 0.6 gram of protein per pound of your bodyweight.

    Eat and workout

    Chris Hemsworth workout is insane. Even though he works out a few times a week, he also eats all day. He’s not starving himself. In fact, he eats even if he’s not hungry.

    Although he relies on protein shake to help him grow, he also eats non-processed carbohydrates to rebuild his muscle. It works because this type of carb slows down muscle protein breakdown allowing you to gain muscle while losing body fats.

    He doesn’t eat rice a lot but he does consume a lot of quinoa. It’s a type of grain that contains high amount f protein. Compared with other grains, it has healthy fats with fewer carbs.


    Chris Hemsworth didn’t have that body before Thor. He only started lifting weights when he was chosen to play that role. He says that he needs to have ample amount of rest to maintain his current physique. This sounds very sensible.

    Bottom line

    As previously mentioned, you won’t have the same body as Chris Hemsworth overnight. You need to train hard and eat the right food. You must visit the gym regularly and perform those workouts to lose weight and build muscle.

    You should also get enough rest to see results. And when you’ve reached your goal, you must maintain it by staying active and consuming enough food. Your bulked up body will disappear quickly if you stop exercising and start consuming fatty foods.

    When Chris Hemsworth is not working out, he plays sports. He’s also into boxing. He loves playing football too.

    In other words, Chris Hemsworth isn’t living a sedentary lifestyle, just like most of us. So start working that body if you wish to impress someone with your Thor-like, leaner body.

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