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  • Veganism: 7 Foods That You’ll Never Think Vegan-Friendly

    t doesn’t require for you to be a genius to understand veganism. It’s essentially a diet that’s free of animal products. That means no meat,

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    It doesn’t require for you to be a genius to understand veganism. It’s essentially a diet that’s free of animal products. That means no meat, eggs, and cheese. Can you live with that?

    Apparently, not all people can change their diet and become a vegan. PETA or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said that some vegan-friendly items aren’t actually full vegan as they contain animal products.

    In this post, you’ll find a list of foods that you’d never think they adhere to PETA guidelines.

    Yes, they’re PETA-approved.

    1. Oreos

    Veganism Oreos

    Good news, for us, lovers of Oreos. Our favorite milk cookie is in fact animal-free. Although it’s creamy, it doesn’t contain dairy products.

    2. Ritz Crackers


    It may have a buttery flavor but PETA said that it doesn’t contain animal products.

    3. Doritos Sweet Chili Flavor


    You can smile now knowing that veganism isn’t that difficult to follow, especially upon learning that Dorito’s Sweet Chili doesn’t have animal products. Unlike the brand’s classic flavors, this one is indeed dairy-free.

    However, it’s not as healthy as other vegan food items. It may be free of dairy products but it’s rich in MSG and other ingredients that can cause unpleasant symptoms of some medical conditions. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

    4. Krispy Kreme Apple Pie

    Krispy Kreme Apple PieKrisy Kreme’s doughnuts are made of eggs and dairy products. So, technically, they’re not for veganism. However, the brand’s apple-flavored fruit pies are indeed vegan-friendly. Yes, they’re free of animal products.

    5. Fritos

    Fritos veganism

    We’re not a big fan of Fritos. But if we’re to follow a vegan diet, we think we should consider this item. Fritos’ original flavor has short list of ingredients containing whole corn, corn oil and salt. But because it’s high in salt, you should consume it with caution, especially if you’re suffering from hypertension.

    6. Pretzel’s SuperPretzel

    Pretzel SuperPretzel Veganism

    We thought that this item is made of eggs and some dairy products. But we’re surprised to know that they’re vegan-friendly, even though they’re heavy on carbohydrates.

    7. Sara Lee’s Apple Pie

    Sara lee Apple Pie Veganism

    Another apple pie you might want to consider when going for veganism is Sara Lee’s Apple Pie Oven Fresh. Despite its creamy appearance, it’s actually free of egg and butter.

    With these food items, we think it’s not that difficult to follow a veganism lifestyle.

    C’mon! Oreos and Pretzels? We think we can survive a life without animal products.

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