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  • What is in Herbalife Tea? 7 Most Important Ingredients

    Herbalife tea concentrate contains ingredients that can effectively help with weight loss and achieve healthier body. What are these?

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    Herbalife Tea for Weight Loss and Burn Fats

    What is in Herbalife Tea? 

    Herbalife tea concentrate contains ingredients that can effectively help with weight loss and achieve a healthier body. What are these?

    The ingredients of Herbalife tea concentrate focus on herbs that are beneficial to people who are diet-conscious or for those who wish to have a healthier body. This tea isn’t new on the market. However, you can only purchase them from an independent Herbalife distributor or through an online health shop, like ours.

    To better understand how beneficial this tea is not just in your weight loss goal but also in achieving a healthy body, you should know its main ingredients of the product.

    1. Caffeine content

    Herbalife tea concentrate is a green-tea based product. That said, it contains sufficient amount of caffeine that can activate your metabolism. This is one of the reasons it’s ideal to drink it early in the morning, instead of taking your regular Java. The caffeine content of this tea can also boost your energy helping you feel revitalized throughout the day.

    Caffeine isn’t only beneficial in activating your metabolism but it’s also valuable in suppressing your appetite naturally. Although you’ll still feel hunger, your cravings can be significantly reduced. As a result, you’ll eat less.

    2. EGCG

    It’s one of the ingredients of Herbalife tea concentrate that also stop your cravings, especially on sugary foods. This is because this compound, epigallocatechin, regulates blood sugar levels. It doesn’t lower the numbers to a dangerous level. Keep in mind that having too low blood sugar level is bad enough for your health.

    Another benefit of this ingredient is its ability to boost your mood while it enhances your alertness. This is especially great if you have insufficient amount of sleep at night. Although it doesn’t make up for your lack of sleep, it can help you feel alert and focused.

    3. Lemon peel extract

    It’s a great source of fiber, calcium, beta-carotene, potassium and magnesium. This extract is rich in vitamins and minerals that can enhance the health of your bones. Because of its calcium content, it can prevent osteoporosis and other diseases related to bones.

    The lemon peel extract is also included in the list of Herbalife tea ingredients. Its role is to reduce oxidative stress to further offer you a revitalized body. It also suppresses appetite.

    4. Maltodextrin

    It contains 20% sugar content. What it does is that it increases the shelf life of this tea concentrate. It’s neither a sugar nor a MSG. This ingredient gets energy and protein to your muscles, thereby, useful in giving you enough power after a hard workout. It gives you energy without dehydrating you during a long workout.

    5. Cardamon seed extract

    It’s known to resolve issues in digestion, like intestinal spasms, IBS, gallbladder complaints and constipation. The chemical content of this ingredient can also alleviate symptoms of cough, sore mouth and throat, as well as infection.

    6. Hibiscus flower

    This is great in supporting your cardiovascular health. In various countries, this flower is used as a tea to maintain cholesterol and blood pressure. It is also useful in promoting proper blood circulation.

    7. Malva sylvestris extract

    What this ingredient does is that it soothes your sore throat, cough, and bronchitis. It can also be used in soothing your stomach discomfort and calming inflammation in your intestines. The tannins, vitamin C and flavonoids content of this extract can strengthen your immune system.

    Wrapping up

    As discussed above, the ingredients of this tea aim to provide you with healthier body. As it contains appetite-suppressing items, you can use it to help you lose weight overtime.

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