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  • Good Diets To Lose Weight That Worked For Other People

    Ditching the soda is one. But what are good diets to lose weight that worked for other people with the same goal as you?

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    Good Diets To Lose Weight That Worked For Other People

    It’s difficult to lose weight, but a lot of people have done it. That’s why it’s great to know what actually worked for some people with the same goal as you.

    In various Internet forums, you’ll find users asking questions about good diets to lose weight that actually work. Some people shared their tips, and many of these tips are backed up by science.

    What are these weight loss strategies that might work for you to help you shed pounds?

    1. Ditch the soda, opt for water

    Unfortunately, for some people, it’s not an easy swap. If you’re fond of drinking soda, then you might have a hard time replacing it with plain water.

    But nixing soda and sugary coffee drinks can make a big impact on your goal to cut calories. Soda is high in sugar and other sketchy ingredients. A can of Coke, for example, contains 39 grams of sugar and 140 total calories. A day of not having a soda can help you save 1000 extra calories per week.

    Furthermore, drinking sugary drinks can increase your risk of severe health conditions. In a study, it suggested that people who drink sweet beverage have 10 percent more visceral fat than those who do take this stuff. Keep in mind that this type of fat is linked to cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

    2. Try intermittent fasting

    It’s one of the good diets that has increased in popularity. With this diet, you can eat as normal during certain times and other times your eating is restricted.

    In this study from the University of Illinois in Chicago, researchers found that intermittent fasting is as effective as daily calorie restriction. The study involved people who fasted and only consumed 25 percent of their daily calorie needs each day. Then, on their feast days, they ate 125 percent of calorie needs.

    If you wish to apply it, you must know your daily calorie needs. For instance, if your daily calorie requirement is 2,000. You can eat 500 calories today and 2,500 tomorrow.

    Intermittent fasting is ideal for individuals who don’t want to feel that they are restricting their food intake. Thus, if you find it difficult to stick to a diet and you desire the flexibility of having feast days, then this weight loss diet might just be the right option for you.

    3. Prepare your meal ahead of time

    This strategy is great if you have a hard time making healthy food choices. Preparing your meals ahead can help you avoid impulsive eating. It’s especially true if you have a busy work schedule because you have difficulty turning down fast food.

    However, if you take a few days of your week to prepare your meal, then it might ensure that your every meal contains filling fiber, muscle-building protein and healthy fats and carbs.

    4. Cook your own food

    Never eat food that comes out of a box or a bag. In a study, researchers found that people who consumed home-cooked meals a week were less likely to have an overweight BMI than those who consumed fast foods.

    The reason for this is that people who prepare and cook their meals choose to use healthier preparation methods. They also tend to eat more fruits and vegetables and consume less processed foods that are high in added sugar and calories.

    5. Opt for ketogenic diet

    keto diet a healthy diet to fight fat

    This diet isn’t new. Similar to Atkins diet, ketogenic diet focuses on carb restriction. When you follow it, your meal will be 80 percent fat, 15 percent protein and the rest is carbs.

    Unfortunately, it won’t work for everyone who wishes to lose weight because of its restrictions. However, if you could deal with it, you should try a ketogenic state. In this way, you’re forcing your body to use fats, instead of glucose. As a result, you’ll be burning more fats.

    Furthermore, you’re compelled to consume a limited number of foods. In that case, you’ll have fewer chances of eating unearthly options. Although you still can eat carbs, you must stay away from refined carbs to reduce your calories further.

    6. Move

    A decent movement every day might just be the right answer for your weight loss problems. If you’re one of those people who find it difficult following a weight loss diet, then you should consider working out. Cardio a day for 30 minutes might be the best solution.

    You can find various cardio workouts on YouTube. If you want a simple one, you can opt for jumping jacks. But you can also mix it with running, walking or jogging.

    What’s great about the cardio workout is that you can do it indoors. However, if you wish to boost your weight loss training, try incorporating weight training into your cardio routine. You’ll lose more body fat than those who just stick to cardio or weight training.

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