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    The Great Cardio and Strength Training Debate

    Weekly cardio and strength training is a must to achieve your weight loss goal. Here’s a sample workout sheet if you want to be fit.

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    Staying in shape is hard enough. When it comes to the right mix of cardio and strength training, the tracking, planning, and actual doing of the exercise can be discouraging and overwhelming. When should you work out? For how long? Doing what—and with what combination? Throw into that a goal, such as training for an event or even just trying to lose a couple of pounds, and it can be enough to keep you on the couch—not get you up and moving.

    Fortunately, the experts have figured it out for you, and it turns out there are certain combinations that can help you maintain your fitness or reach your goals more quickly. Take, for example, losing weight: Just cardio or just strength won’t cut it. To do the best for your body and your metabolism, you need a combination of both of them.

    Find more ideas for maximizing your fitness time with this graphic.

    I Want to Be Fit
    “When to Prioritize Resistance and Aerobic Training to Fit Your Goals” on Health Perch

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