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  • Do Laxatives Help You Lose Weight?

    How do laxatives help you lose weight? If they really do? What are the consequences of taking them?

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    Do Laxatives Help You Lose Weight?

    Being overweight can have plenty of disadvantages. It’s uncomfortable and it can wreak havoc to your health. For that reason, fitness experts are recommending obese individuals to lose weight. There is a variety of ways to lose weight. Unfortunately, most people are taking the unusual route, as they don’t want to go to the gym regularly and develop a healthy eating habit. One of those unusual weight loss methods is the use of laxatives. But do laxatives help you lose weight?

    How do laxatives help you lose weight? If they do…

    Laxatives are considered as an extreme way to lose weight. And it’s followed by many people around the world.

    What they do is that they speed up your digestion process resulting in an increased bowel movement. They can be food, medicine or certain compounds that induce bowel movements, ergo, a perfect way to alleviate constipation.

    But excess intake of laxatives can result in diarrhea. And this is why some people choose this route to lose weight because they don’t allow the food taken to stay in the body for so long. Most of those calories are eliminated undigested.

    They’re an effective way to lose water weight. To maximize their effects, they’re to be used two times per day to increase bowel movements.

    Laxatives can also remove toxins from the body.

    However, laxatives can disrupt your overall metabolism and damage your body’s digestive capacity, if they’re used for an extended period of time.

    Furthermore, if your body discharges too much water because of laxatives, your energy level will decrease. It may also result in multiple organ failure and liver damage.

    Because the weight that you’ve lost is mostly water, the weight will come back very quickly. And the weight loss that resulted in laxative intake is not healthy or permanent. It will cause the elimination of important nutrients; thereby causing a number of negative side effects on the health.

    Who are taking laxatives to lose weight?

    There are millions of women in the world who are using this method to lose weight. Misuse can result in irreversible physical damage and may cause you to spiral out of control.

    Those who are laxative addicts are usually overweight since they were still a child or a teenager. These people have tried the normal diet and engaged in an exercise program to shed some pounds. They’re the ones who reached a plateau after losing hundreds of pounds.

    Laxatives can come in different types.


    It’s the least powerful as it’s fibre-based laxative. This type of laxative bulks up your stool, thereby, helping one naturally.


    It’s a type of laxative that’s a little stronger than fiber. Osmotic laxatives work by drawing water into your intestine and allow the stool to move quicker.

    Stool Softener

    This is used by people who are constipated or having difficulty in moving. As the term suggests, it makes your stool soft.


    It’s a type of laxative that irritates your intestinal walls. This one forces your body to expel whatever it is that’s in your digestive tract. And it’s also the laxative that causes health problems. It doesn’t only irritate your bowels but it also inhibits absorption of nutrients. By inhibiting nutrients to be absorbed, you will dramatically lose weight.

    For fitness experts, the result isn’t worth the price you’ve paid for.

    This quick weight loss routine is also one of the reasons women choose this route before a special occasion, like a wedding.

    But doctors pointed out that excessive laxative use can harm your internal organs as it can cause electrolyte imbalance in the brain leading to a fatal seizure.

    It can damage your colon lining in a way that you will have to use a colostomy bag for a longer period of time.

    It can also cause your heart to stop because it’s no longer getting the nutrients that it requires supporting its pumping action.

    Other consequences of using laxatives to lose weight:


    Since this weight loss method causes all the food that you consumed are passed out of your system quickly, it results in dehydration. You’ll become weak and experience dizziness as your body can no longer process anything to be used as an energy.


    As diarrhea increases, it results in rectal bleeding, painful stomach cramps, as well as nausea and vomiting. And worst. It can damage your gastrointestinal tract permanently. Then, when your body adapts to its effects, it slows down your digestion, leading to severe constipation.

    Eating disorder

    It may also become a sign that you have an eating disorder.

    Do natural laxatives help you lose weight?

    They can help you shed some pounds. Instead of using synthetic laxatives, try drinking more water to lose weight fast. It keeps you hydrated while it speeds up your digestion.

    Another natural laxative that you must try is a prune. It’s rich in vitamin A and potassium. It regulates the digestion process, ergo, ideal to alleviate constipation. You may eat prunes regularly and try consuming them on an empty stomach.

    Coconut water, too, can get rid of constipation. Not only that. It also reduces your blood cholesterol level. So, instead of laxatives, drink coconut water each day to reduce your body weight.

    Legumes are also considered as natural laxatives that can be safely consumed every day to hep you lose weight.

    Beets and cabbage can also regulate digestion process.

    But because of the supposed effects of laxatives to weight loss, companies are taking advantage of it by making products that induce diarrhea.

    On the other hand, if you want to use laxatives for a short period of time, then you must follow a well-balanced diet. And if you do use them, it shouldn’t be more than five days.

    If recommended by your physician, you may safely use it to relieve your constipation. And make sure that you’re getting enough sleep and rest. This will increase your body’s energy level.

    Final Thoughts

    Laxatives aren’t a healthy way to lose weight. That said, it’s ideal to opt for healthier alternatives, like almonds, blueberries, bananas, aloe vera and several others. You should develop a healthy lifestyle. If you’re addicted to laxatives, you should seek help.

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