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  • Can Juice Alone Help You Lose Weight?

    Juice cleansing program can help with your weight loss. But is it effective? Learn more about it here.

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    Juice cleansing for weight loss? I’ve first heard about it when a friend of my asked me about juice cleansing for her wedding. It was my first time to hear about wedding juice cleanse program but I did know about certain juices that can help with weight loss.


    It’s essentially a juice that contains juices of different fruits and vegetables. You’ll need to take it for several days. Some programs require you to take it for at least five days. The whole idea here is to cleanse your body in order to remove the dirt that has been clogging your system causing weight gain and other illnesses.


    Remove toxins. It’s true that many juice cleansing programs aim to remove toxins. Unfortunately, there are no scientific studies that can support such claim. What I know is that your system has its own machine that can do the detox for you, such as liver and kidneys.

    Absorb nutrients. Common claims of juice cleanse for weight loss is proper nutrient absorption. Such weight loss program allows your gut to have a spa vacation so it’ll improve its ability to absorb nutrients. But it’s not very helpful. You see, you need consistent fiber and use so that your digestive system will work well in absorbing nutrients from the food you’re consuming.

    Consume fruits and vegetables. Yes, you need fruits and vegetables. But if you’re trying to lose weight, you still need to follow the RDA for fruit and vegetables. Plus, most juice cleanse programs for weight loss don’t have the necessary nutrients your body needs for your every day routine. And if you focus on drinking juice alone, you’re missing out the adequate source of fat and protein from whole produce.

    Intake of fiber. Fruit juices may have fiber in them but they won’t help you stay full as they can be processed easily. Keep in mind that they’re liquids, which are digested quickly compared with solid foods. This means that your body’s signals for hunger will appear more quickly than they’re used to.


    Yes. It does help you with lowering your caloric intake each day. Therefore, it’s truly an effective way to lose weight. But, keep in mind that the total calories you can have from this program is only 1,000 calories. The average female requires at least 1,200 calories each day to function well. Remember than prolonged intake of low calories can cause bone loss. So, yes you’ll lose weight but you can’t sustain it. You’re likely to crave after a few days or weeks.


    Juice cleanse weight loss program isn’t at all bad. It may help you lose the extra pounds before your wedding but can you maintain it throughout your life? Just think about it. So, what are your thoughts?

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