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  • 4 Health Benefits of Drinking Beer Bottle

    Read on to find out how drinking beer bottle moderately can offer you health benefits.

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    Beer bottle drinkers have one good excuse they can tell to their parents or their spouses. According to research, regular but moderate intake of any type of beer, like gluten-free beer, can be good for you.

    That said, it’s not only wine that makes it to the health table of your grandma. Studies showed that this beverage can have similar heart healthy effects making you less likely to suffer from a heart attack than those who don’t drink it.

    Other health benefits of drinking beer are listed below:

    1. Raises HDL

    HDL or high-density lipoprotein is known as the good cholesterol. Drinking alcohol, particularly beer bottle, raises HDL level, according to a professor at the Boston University School of Medicine.

    2. Prevents rupturing of artery

    Apart from raising the good cholesterol level, this beverage can also offer beneficial effects to the lining of blood vessels by making them less prone to clot and plug.

    3. Decreases risks of aging

    According to the National Institutes of Health, moderate drinking of this beverage may offer protection against cardiovascular disease in men. In fact, the study showed that those who drink it 120 to 365 days a year have lowered their risk of cardiovascular death compared to those only consumed 1 to 36 days a year of beer bottle.

    But if you consume more than a glass of gluten-free beer, for instance, can put you at greater risk of death because of heart disease.

    4. Boosts brain

    Individuals who drink 1 to 6 alcoholic beverages every week were less likely to develop dementia than those who don’t drink or who drink heavily. Furthermore, beer drinking is also linked to better cognitive function in females. But the study showed positive effects to those who only drank one to two times a day.

    But don’t grab a beer bottle or gluten-free beer just yet.

    According to studies, this beverage isn’t good for everyone. Some studies showed that beer consumption of two or more glasses each day may increase risk of breast cancer in women.

    The researchers of these studies emphasized that beer drinking shouldn’t be considered as a medicine. Rather, it must be consumed for enjoyment. If taken in moderation, it can be a good part of a wholesome diet.

    But don’t start drinking beer bottle just for its health benefits.

    Instead, opt for a regular exercise and a healthy diet as they, too, can offer similar, better health benefits.

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