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  • 3 Things About Dakota Johnson and How She Got Skinny Fast You May Not Have Known

    How Dakota Johnson got skinny fast for Fifty Shades of Grey? Let us discover how she did it and how you could follow her.

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    How to get skinny fast like Dakota Johnson of Fifty Shades of Grey


    Ms. Steele

    After watching Fifty Shades of Grey, I think every lady who saw the movie would love to know how to get skinny fast, like Dakota Johnson/Anastasia Steele.

    Dakota Johnson needed to get skinny fast for said movie.

    Although her body figure is already jaw-dropping and bikini-embracing, she still had to achieve a skinny body like how Anastasia was described in the book.

    Here are some things that Dakota Johnson did to get skinny fast:

    Juice diet

    While shooting Fifty Shades of Grey, Dakota Johnson preferred to drink nutrient dense juice, rather than consuming junk and processed foods.

    She is not obsessed about cleanse juice, however. This is the reason she opted to drink raw fruit juice.

    Her raw fruit juice can vary from apple, orange to cucumber to ginger.

    The great thing about juices is that they detoxify her body (and yours too, if you opt for them) and keep her energized throughout the day.

    To get skinny fast with juicing, you must combine fruits with vegetables.

    Juicing is a great way to get into fruit and vegetables. To maximize their benefits, make sure that you eat at least two whole fruits, like apple and banana.

    For vegetables, you must consume up to four veggies a day.

    In order to get a good combination of vitamins and minerals through fruit and vegetables, prefer them in various colors.

    When you use juice machine, however, you do not get the fiber from the whole fruit and vegetables.

    The reason for this is that the machine extracts the juice and leaves the pulp. The fiber content of those foods is found in their pulps.

    To avoid missing out the fiber content, you may add the pulp back into it. Or you may use it in your cooking.

    One way to add it to your cooking is to mix it your muffin batter or broth for cooking soup.

    Should you invest on a juicing machine?

    Dakota Johnson could afford any type of expensive juicing machine. But you do not have to.

    You can still get skinny fast like her without having to splurge on a juicer, which can go from $5 to $400.

    If you have a blender at home, you can already use that. The great thing about this machine is that it lets you keep the fiber as you can easily put in the whole fruit and vegetables.

    If it is too thick, you may add water, according to your preference.

    However, before you add the fruit and vegetables, you need to remove their seeds and rinds first.

    When the juice is ready, consume it immediately. For food safety, you should opt to drink the juice the same day you have made it.

    Then, do not forget to wash your blender thoroughly so it will be ready for the next batch.

    Calories in fruit juice

    Oh, the calories.

    That will depend on the fruit or vegetable juice you have.

    The calories can add up easily. This is especially true with fruits. But the calories are less on vegetables.

    One of the main concerns of those who want to lose weight is the calorie content of pure fruit juice. Experts recommend opting for vegetables.

    Then, add slices of apple or kiwi to add flavor.

    To make your juice a more balanced beverage, you should add protein in it.

    Good sources can be almond milk, peanut butter, Greek yogurt or a protein shake.

    Weight loss and cleansing

    It is true that Dakota Johnson drank fruit juice to help her get skinny fast in preparation for her role as Anastasia Steele. But she did it in moderation.

    Bear in mind that fruit juice alone will not help you get skinny fast.

    The reason for this is that you will be tempted to consume sugary foods, like a cake or a doughnut.

    Plus, you will lose muscle mass.

    Then, the weight loss results will not last long.

    Thus, you must only do it in moderation.

    You can have it as your snack, instead of eating junk foods. With fruit/vegetable juice, you can somehow help your body in reducing your appetite.

    The reason for this is that juicing gets rid of your habit of comfort eating. It makes you feel satiated as long as you have added protein in it.

    Then again, juicing is not for everyone. If you wish to learn more about to how to get skinny with fruit/vegetable juice, you should consult your physician. This is especially true if you are pregnant or with heart disease.


    Curso de Instructor de Pilates

    Curso de Instructor de Pilates (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    In addition to opting for fruit/vegetable juice, Dakota Johnson also exercises a lot to help her get skinny fast.

    Ever since she has submitted herself to a healthy workout, she has seen astonishing outcomes. In addition to having toned figure, her health has also improved.

    Apart from running, Dakota Johnson is also into Pilates.

    It is a healthy workout that almost every Hollywood celebrity has tried. This is one of the best workouts that can get you skinny.

    Benefits of Pilates for weight loss

    1. Stimulate the function of the liver

    Liver has many roles in your body. But the most important ones are its ability to detoxify and cleanse your system. Essentially, it purifies your blood by getting rid of bad fats.

    Now, if this organ is healthy, it can easily dispose the bad types of fats and retain the good ones.

    Then, it stores glucose and make coenzyme Q10 to power up your muscles.

    Certain Pilates postures can strengthen your liver function to bring its optimum functioning.

    These poses will include wheel and spinal twist. All of these have something to do with backbends.

    1. Stimulate thyroid gland

    When trying to lose weight, you need to make sure that your body secretes the right hormones to regulate your metabolism and help you get skinny fast. Plus, your thyroid gland must be active.

    Photo of Oprah Winfrey at her 50th birthday pa...

    Photo of Oprah Winfrey at her 50th birthday party at Hotel Bel Air (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Remember Oprah Winfrey? She has struggled to lose weight because of her hypothyroidism condition.

    Good thing is that when you are doing Pilates and paired it with yoga, there are some postures that you can follow to activate this gland.

    1. Strengthen the body

    Most Pilates positions let you be active by shortening or lengthening the muscles, which will all lead to weight loss.


    When muscle tissues are active, they consume fats as fuel. Thus, even when you are resting, your strong muscles will be consuming almost all fat stores.

    For that reason, strengthening your muscles is a good way to lose weight and get skinny fast, like Dakota Johnson. And Pilates can help you with that.

    How to get skinny fast – other ways

    1. Do not overeat

    You can eat up to six small meals a day. But make sure that each meal consists of 300 calories.

    Skinny women, like Gisele and Miranda Kerr, eat up to 1,800 calories a day. And they do stop once their hunger is satisfied.

    They do not keep on eating until they are full.

    Because they eat every three hours (some of them every two hours), they never get hungry. As a result, they never get fat.

    1. Consume fruit and vegetables

    Dakota Johnson does eat lots of fruit and vegetables and drink raw fruit juice.

    As mentioned earlier, these foods are rich in fiber so they can fill your body quicker, thereby, killing your hunger.

    What this means to you?

    You will not overeat. So, you will not get fat. Instead, you will get skinny fast.

    1. Work out

    Dakota Johnson does perform a healthy workout. She likes running and doing Pilates.

    Skinny women maintain their slim, gorgeous bodies by working out up to five times a day.

    But they do not just focus on cardio. They also perform some strengthening exercises.

    To help them burn fat faster, they work out in the morning. They only work out up to 40 minutes, one to two times a day.

    They also build muscles to help them maintain slimmer bodies. This is why Dakota Johnson loves to do Pilates.

    And she also lifts.

    Lifting weights will not make you look like a man. You may be discouraged about lifting weights because you think you may end up having a body like that of a bodybuilder.

    But ask skinny women and they will tell you that they lift weights to sculpt their body and make them look even sexier.

    The muscles that they have built through lifting will help increase their metabolism, so they can stay skinny and sexy.

    1. Opt for a sensible diet

    Dakota Johnson does not follow an extreme diet, like HCG diet plan. Rather, she follows a diet that is so simple anyone can do it.

    What is it?

    She does not drink soda or eat sugary foods. She also does not consume processed and junk foods.

    Although she and other skinny women do cheat, they do it once in a while. They can have their cheat day every last day of the month or first day of the month.

    You may see them eating at fast food places or visit bars with their friends. But they do it very rarely.

    If you follow this simple diet, there is no wonder you will lose a lot of weight.

    1. Use supplements

    Skinny women do use natural supplements. These supplements will help them maintain their slimmer figure.

    But they do not take weight loss pills and sit around and do nothing.

    They stay slim and skinny because they have a sensible weight loss plan without the weight loss diet pill that does not work.

    1. Fight stress with exercise

    Stress can wreak havoc to your weight loss goals.

    Dakota Johnson knows that filming or shooting Fifty Shades of Grey can be very stressful. But she fights stress through Pilates and running.

    She also drinks natural fruit juices.

    You, too, can fight stress without overeating and getting fat. Instead of dealing a stressful situation with food, you should consider performing a healthy workout.

    Then, hang out a lot with your friends.

    You must involve in activities that do not let you eat. For instance, you can go and have an adventure ride at Sky Ranch in Tagaytay.

    1. Drink water

    To get skinny fast, you have to love drinking water.

    While filming Fifty Shades of Grey, Dakota Johnson was always seen holding a water bottle. It is pretty obvious she opts to drink water, instead of consuming sodas.

    It is one of the secrets of skinny women.

    They love drinking water.

    They crave more water just like you crave for sodas or sugary beverages.

    Because they know that sugary drinks will only cause their bodies to store fats, they try to avoid it as much as they can by opting for water.

    You can never burn fat sufficiently if you do not drink enough water.


    Learn how to get skinny fast is not as difficult as you think.

    But it does take a lot of effort.

    Dakota Johnson makes sure that she is following her sensible diet plan and performing healthy workout to help be the best Anastasia Steele of Fifty Shades of Grey.

    Once you have that skinny body, you need to make an effort to keep it that way. This means that you have to learn how to control what foods that go in your mouth.

    You should consider cooking your own food. If you do not know how to cook, then now is the time to start learning.

    When starting how to cook your own food, it is best to start with quick and easy recipes. In this way, you will not get easily discouraged if you do not obtain the desired results.

    And if you choose to use supplements, you must take them with care.

    But, as mentioned earlier, skinny women do not use weight loss supplements. Rather, they consume supplements that can satisfy the requirements of their bodies.

    And always remember that those supplements will not do good to your body if you do not pair them with sensible diet and a healthy workout.vim chi natural supplements

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