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  • Type 1 Diabetes Cure? Link Between Rotavirus Vaccination and Lower Rates of Type 1 Diabetes

    Is this a type 1 diabetes cure? Read more about what health and wellness Australian researchers found about rotavirus vaccine and type 1 diabetes rates.

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    A diabetic person using a blood glucose monitoring device.

    It is great news for those who are looking for a type 1 diabetes cure. Although it is not entirely a cure, it may be the key to lowering the rates of type 1 diabetes and boost health and wellness. 

    In an Australian study, researchers found that young kids who were injected with a rotavirus vaccine were said to be less likely to suffer from type 1 diabetes compared to kids who did not get this kind of vaccine. 

    What is Rotavirus? 

    It is a kind of virus that causes watery diarrhea, abdominal pain, fever, and vomiting. Some patients may need to be hospitalized because of extreme dehydration. This viral infection may also increase type 1 diabetes development. However, this connection is not entirely understood. 

    In the said study, researchers made a comparison of the type 1 diabetes rates in eight years when a routine oral rotavirus vaccine was given to infants. After the introduction of this vaccine, type 1 diabetes rates declined among kids aged four and below. However, there was no shift in type 1 diabetes cases seen in older kids. 

    Is Rotavirus Vaccine a Type 1 Diabetes Cure? 

    The finding is part of the initial data. However, it can be that the vaccine could provide a protective environment against the development of this disease in early childhood. Thus, the researchers could not decide whether or not this vaccine could be the answer to a type 1 diabetes cure. 

    What is Type 1 Diabetes? Here’s a video to help you better understand this disease.

    Lower Rates in Type 1 Diabetes 

    The cases of type 1 diabetes in Australia and around the world are rising. Unfortunately, scientists could not explain it. 

    This type of diabetes is a serious condition. The immune system destroys cells that produce insulin in the pancreas. 

    The team observed that after 2007, the cases of type 1 diabetes reduced in kids aged 0-4 years. 

    “We observed the decline in the rate of type 1 diabetes in children born after 2007 coincided with the introduction of the oral rotavirus vaccine onto the Australian National Immunisation Program in 2007.”

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    This vaccine is given routinely to infants aged two and four months in Australia. The goal is to prevent these infants from a life-threatening form of diarrhea. 

    Type 1 diabetes is not the most common form of this disease. Rather, it is type 2 diabetes, which is associated with obesity and aging. In this disease, the body cannot use or produce sufficient amount of insulin to change sugar into energy. 

    But type 1 diabetes patients do not produce insulin at all. Typically, it develops in childhood. 

    The rotavirus is said to inhibit production of insulin that speeds up type 1 diabetes development. Previous rotavirus vaccines were introduced. However, they were not discontinued. 

    When the new rotavirus vaccine was proposed in Australia, the rates of kids with type 1 diabetes dropped.

    Scientists are still investigating the link. Even though the connection is still indefinite, the study suggests that rotavirus infection vaccination may lower the risk of type 1 diabetes in infants. 

    “At this stage we don’t yet know whether the reduction in type 1 diabetes is a permanent effect or transient, and it may only be relevant to Australian children.”

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