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  • Kim Kardashian’s InKredible Weight Loss Secrets

    How did Kim Kardashian manage to lose weight after delivering her baby?

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    Despite the numerous reports slamming Kardashian for losing her baby weight through methods involving plastic surgery and other ‘unnatural’ procedures, Kim has stayed strong during this time of accusation and has stuck to her story of losing weight the healthier way.

    Kim Kardashian’s InKredible Weight Loss Secrets

    Kim Kardashian Weight Loss Secrets

    But just how did Kim manage to lose such an extortionate amount of weight in such a short period of time if not through various surgeries and diet pills? Is there by some chance that she has found potentially the most effective method of losing weight?

    Since the birth of her new-born baby North West in mid-June, Kim has pounded through an incredible 50 pounds of weight that has restored her body to its previous glory. Typically mothers grow into their new skin post child birth, and become accustomed to their new found weight. However Kim was in no way prepared to lose her physique and as soon as her doctor gave her the clear she got straight to work.


    If you have kept up with Kardashian’s affairs in the past you will know that she has already had first-hand experience with the Atkins diet and knows for a fact that it does work. The diet involves eating a varied amount of high protein and fibre foods, which have a low carbohydrate content and a general high nutritious value. The diet also aims to switch your body from using carbohydrates as its primary source of energy (glucose) to fat including your own reserves of body fat. Essentially, you will spend the initial weeks of this diet focussing on promoting weight loss to your body, instead of turning to glucose (carbohydrates) when it feels low on energy.

    As far as we are aware, Kim has been strictly on this high nutrition – low carbs diet ever since she began losing weight after June’s birth and the results are outstanding. But surely that cannot be all she did to achieve a total 50 pounds of weight loss…


    Of course no diet plan can be truly successful without exercise. Kim Kardashian revealed in early October that even she had some trouble with this aspect of her weight loss plan as she struggled to perform any strenuous movements with her baby weight. However slowly but surely with the help of Jay Leno she pushed herself to perform regular hikes.

    Now whilst the idea of going on long walks may sound like one of the least appealing forms of exercise to partake in to lose weight, Kim soon realized that so long as you go with family members and friends the process can actually become quite easy – if not somewhat enjoyable. So if you are someone who dreads the idea of spending long hours outside (walking of all things), then maybe all you need is to bring some friends along who are also striving to lose weight, to make the experience more fun.


    Now that you know the details behind Kim’s astonishing weight loss, you can now appreciate that all of the raving and ranting regarding her weight loss being impossible or down to surgery is simply nonsense. All Kim Kardashian has done is follow a diet plan the way that it was supposed to be done, and ensured that she does a fair amount of exercise on a regular basis. These are things that professionals in the industry of weight loss have proven to be effective for years, yet it seems apparent that when someone manages to do so we find the results “unbelievable” or with the aid of unhealthy means.

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