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  • Isopure Protein Review – 6 Vital Facts You Didn’t Know of this No Carb Protein Shake

    Isopure Protein No Carb is one of the most popular protein shakes on the market today that can help in building muscles and losing weight. But is this the most effective shake for you to achieve your goal? Find out more by reading this in-depth review.

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    Isopure Protein is a unique protein drink. It’s exceptional because of the absence of carbs and fat.

    Isopure Protein Review

    Isopure Protein Review – 6 Vital Facts You Didn’t Know of this No Carb Protein Shake

    IsoPure Protein Review

    This protein drink is also extraordinary because it’s the only drink on the market that offers 35 grams to 40 grams of whey protein isolate, which is the best type of protein.

    You’ll know that it’s made of pure whey protein because of its see through appearance, unlike other protein drinks that look a lot like that chocolate milk.

    What makes this protein drink a healthy way to boost your protein intake?

    It contains high amount of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). Amino acids are known to be the building blocks of protein. They aid in the growth and repair of muscles, as well as tissues. With the absence of these amino acids, it causes protein to break down. As a result, you’ll experience muscle loss.

    Among the BCAAs included in this protein drink are valine, leucine and isoleucine. These are usually taken before, during or after a heavy workout. This is to enhance your performance and endurance while exercising. They are also swallowed to aid in muscle recovery.

    Unlike the amino acids that you obtain from food, BCAAs go directly to the muscles to start fueling, repairing and building them.

    This means that if you’ll use it during workout, they can improve your endurance. As a result, you’ll have more energy to carry out heavy, intense exercise. On the other hand, if you take it after working out, then these amino acids will help your body in building more muscles.

    Furthermore, BCAAs are also essential in regulating your mood while exercising.

    The valine content of Isopure Protein reduces serotonin levels. Remember that an increased level of serotonin in the body can cause fatigue. By reducing its level, you can bypass exercise fatigue.

    They are also helpful in protecting your muscles against soreness after exercise by stimulating muscle growth and repair. The amino acid leucine stimulates growth of the muscles by triggering synthesis of protein and increasing your insulin levels.

    Can you build muscles through a no-carb protein drink?

    As previously mentioned, Isopure Protein doesn’t contain carbohydrates. You may doubt if such drink can help you build muscles because carbs are needed to have enough energy for an intense workout.

    But this drink contains enough amino acids to be used as a fuel, thereby, giving you enough energy to complete a one or two-hour workout.

    Without carbohydrates, your body has less sugar to burn allowing your stored fats to be used as a fuel. This means that you can still perform heavy workout without leaving you tired and weak.

    It’ll also give you the simplest way to lose weight as cutting carbs allows your body to lose more weight faster. This will also help your kidneys in shedding excess sodium causing a rapid weight loss.

    You may think that it can wreak havoc to your muscle tissue when you use it before, during and after working out. But the amino acids in this drink can easily be broken to be converted for energy. When performing an intense weight training exercise, your body uses those amino acids to supply you the oomph you need for your workouts.

    Is it ideal for lactose intolerant?

    Isopure Protein drink contains pure whey protein. So you won’t expect it to have a milky taste. With that in mind, it is perfectly safe for those who are incapable of digesting milky sugar. Even though it lacks lactose, this protein drink can still offer you health benefits.

    Lactose-free drink is just what the doctor ordered for those who are lactose intolerant. It is a condition that results in bloating and other side effects caused by incomplete digestion of lactose. Each time lactose intolerant drinks a protein drink with milk sugar, he/she is in serious trouble.

    For that reason, this drink is made without the added lactose or sugar so you can have a protein drink that’s made of pure protein and fart-free. It eases diarrhea and bloating when working out because it does not fill your stomach and intestines with excess fluid or gas.

    Isopure Protein drink contains a whole lot of nutrients that are important in providing your body with stronger bones and teeth and aiding in the formation of muscles and improving cellular activity.

    Because it lacks lactose, you may question its taste. This protein drink still tastes sweeter, although it doesn’t have added sugar during processing.

    Why opt for whey protein?

    There are many types of protein. All of them can boost your energy while they control hunger. But not all of them are created equal.

    What you’ll find in Isopure Protein is whey protein isolate, which is considered as the highest quality protein. It offers heaps of benefits.

    One of those advantages is its ability to help you reduce your caloric intake while shedding some pounds and building muscles.

    Various studies suggested that people who consume this type of protein has significantly lost enormous amount of body fat without losing muscles. Thus, if you think that you need to snack on something, then you should consider drinking Isopure Protein, instead of grabbing a bag of chips.

    If you’re performing resistance training, then let this protein drink help you increase muscle size and strength.

    Bodybuilders, athletes and fitness buffs consumed whey protein because it allows them to amplify their fat-free muscles and strengthen them. But you must drink it at least an hour before or after the exercise to reap its benefits.

    Some people who carry out an intense workout tend to get hungry after exercising. As a result, they eat greedily.

    If you are one of those people who want to reduce hunger following an extreme exercise, then you can try reducing your desire to eat through the help of Isopure Protein. The whey in this product can significantly reduce ghrelin, which is a hormone that informs your brain that you’re hungry.

    By drinking it, you can avoid chewing on unhealthy snacks. But you must drink it before and after working out.

    Another benefit that you can obtain from using whey protein is its protection that it can offer against some forms of cancer.

    Several studies showed that whey protein is capable of protecting you against prostate, colon and other forms of malignant cells. But don’t be too dependent on it. Rather, you must get screened and consult your physician. After that, consider adding whey protein into your diet.

    Isopure Protein may also improve your immune system. This is especially true if you engage in strenuous aerobic activity. By supplementing your body with the whey protein present in this protein drink, you’ll significantly enhance your immune function.

    When is the best time to drink Isopure Protein?

    You may use this drink as a pre-workout beverage and take it half an hour before your workout session. But don’t rely on this drink alone to build muscles. Keep in mind that maximizing muscle enlargement also requires accelerating your workout.

    Therefore, you must only use this drink to help you push yourself to train harder.

    As a post-workout, Isopure Protein helps in repairing muscle damage caused by intense exercise. This protein drink contains high percentage of whey protein allowing it be digested faster so it will be delivered swiftly to your muscles to start rebuilding and repairing them. But you must drink it as soon as you’ve finished your session.

    Apart from that, Isopure Protein is also useful in helping you sleep comfortably at night.

    A whey-protein drink works through your body and feed your muscles when your growth hormones are still higher. Furthermore, drinking it before hitting the sack will stimulate muscles growth while you’re sleeping.

    How to prepare Isopure Protein?

    You may only add water to Isopure Protein and you’re good to go. But if you drink it every day, it’s nice to spice it up a little by trying out different protein shake recipes. For instance, you can add ice cubes and almond milk to your ordinary protein drink. But make sure that you blend the ingredients well to have an enjoyable drink before and after workout.

    You may also try the banana protein shake. In here, you’ll need water, Isopure Protein, banana and ice cubes. Place them all in a blender and mix them for about 30 seconds.

    Alternatively, you may choose to use orange juice, rather than adding plain water. Then, add significant amount of fruits and ice cubes. Blend them well and drink the shake before and/or after exercise.


    There are so many reasons many athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts opt to drink Isopure Protein. And some of those reasons are listed above. The whey protein present in this drink is easy to digest so it can provide your body the energy that it needs during workout.

    It is considered as a complete protein as it contains those essential amino acids without the presence of lactose. Isopure Protein includes ideal amount of premium protein to obtain the daily recommended protein intake to help you control your metabolism, feel energized and build muscles.

    Furthermore, this product has no carbs and fats making it an ultimate choice for those who wish to lose weight while building muscles. Even though it lacks lactose and carbohydrates, it can still provide you the nutrients needed to achieve a healthy weight loss.

    If the taste doesn’t suit you, you may try other protein shakes on the market that offer sweeter taste.

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