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  • Fad Diets You Must Not Follow

    These are fad diets that don’t work and will never work for long term.

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    Fad Diets — No No

    “It’s called DIET because the other 4-letter words were taken.”

    “Ten or more pounds in a week.”

    This is one of the promises of fad diets that almost every person who wished to lose weight would believe just to have a supermodel body.

    But we all know that healthy weight loss can only be achieved through healthy eating, healthy living, and a regular exercise.

    It’s also important to make lifestyle changes, whether they are small or not, that can be followed for the long term.

    Listed below are fad diets that may seem to work at first but won’t hold or offer long-lasting weight loss effects.

    Dukan Diet

    Developed by Pierre Dukan, a French doctor and a nutritionist, Dukan Diet requires dieters to eat unlimited protein for the first phase.

    On the second phase, you’ll be eating protein and vegetables.

    The third phase includes eating starches, fruits, cheese and bread; while the fourth phase involves eating anything you want. However, you must make sure that you will take the stairs or get a regular exercise. Then, you should have a protein-only day and consume three teaspoons of oat each day.

    Throughout the diet, you are not allowed to eat carbs or you must limit your carbohydrate intake and reduce your calorie consumption.

    Why is it a fad diet? Cutting out carbs can help you lose water weight, but not fats. As a result, your weight loss will appear greater than it actually is. Reducing carbs will also reduce sodium causing an increase in water loss. But the effects will stop once excess water is lost. This means that you’ll experience a weight loss plateau.

    Atkins Diet

    Devised by Dr. Robert Atkins, Atkins Diet is still a popular diet that involves eating low-carb but high-protein foods. This one promises to help you lose up to 15 pounds of weight within the first 14 days of following it.

    How it works? You’ll need to limit your carbohydrate intake while increasing fiber consumption. The goal here is to burn fats, rather than carbs. Just like the Dukan Diet, Atkins Diet has four phases.

    In the first phase, you’ll limit your carb intake. But you’re encouraged to up your protein-rich meat and fish consumption. Plus, you’ll have to increase intake of cheese, salad veggies, butter, oil and eggs.

    With every phase of the diet, you’ll add in more carbs until you’ll find balance or you’re no longer gaining weight.

    Why it’s a fad diet? Water loss is the reason you’ll be losing weight. The weight loss is drastic but it shouldn’t be that way. Healthy weight loss always takes time. Thus, if you want to do it right, you should be patient. When you lose only a pound a week, you shouldn’t get frustrated as it means you’re losing fat and not just water and muscle.

    17-day Diet

    This, too, involves a reduction of carbohydrate intake. Every stage of this diet requires you to vary your intake of fruits, vegetables, carbs and protein.

    You should also replace healthy ingredients for unhealthy ones. There’s also a point where you need to stop eating certain fruits and carbs after two in the afternoon. You also need to walk for 17 minutes each day.

    Why it’s a fad diet? Healthy swaps may do go good but it’s only a small diet change that won’t last long. Other aspects of this diet don’t serve any purpose for your weight loss goal. In other words, they’re just “gimmicks.”

    HCG Diet

    In this diet, you’ll only have to eat from 500 to 800 calories a day. If you compare it to the RD calorie intake, it’s about a quarter to a half. Plus, you’ll need to supplement it with HCG, which is a hormone being produced by the woman’s body during pregnancy. The supplementation of such hormone can be done through injection or taking of a pill supplement.

    Unfortunately, the FDA didn’t approve HCG for weight loss. It’s also not approved for treating fertility issues.

    Why it’s a fad diet? You’ll lose weight when you follow this diet. But the reason is not about the intake of HCG. Rather, it’s the result of reducing your calories. The effects won’t last long as you’ll start to feel deprived causing you to eat more as 800 calories a day is hard to maintain. Plus, you won’t get the necessary nutrition from such amount of food. In other words, it won’t help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    What You Must Do to Have a Healthy Weight Loss? 

    Opt for healthy eating, healthy living.

    Get a regular exercise.

    And if you need a weight loss help, you may choose from one of these weight management products. They’re there to HELP you in reducing or burning extra fats and not just losing water.


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