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  • Common Homeopathic Remedies On How To Cure Body Odor Permanently?

    Try a natural approach and use these common homeopathic remedies to cure body odor permanently.

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    common homeopathic remedies how to cure body odor permanently

    To cure body odor permanently, you need to stop the problem at its source. If the one you are using is no longer effective or if you prefer to use a natural approach, there are common homeopathic remedies for this issue.

    Opt for a deodorant soap

    You can choose a deodorant soap that contains coal tar or tea tree oil. A hand and body wash with antibacterial will also work.

    These options can kill bacteria after washing. Use it daily if the soap does not cause irritation on your skin. On the other hand, if the soap dries your skin, simply use it in areas where you need it most, like your underarms and groin. (1)

    Use surgical scrubs

    If deodorant soap is not effective, you can use antibacterial surgical scrubs. They are available at your local pharmacies. These scrubs are commonly used to clean patients before undergoing surgery.

    Unfortunately, they can dry your skin. Thus, you must only use it in the shower and rinse it off quickly.

    When using surgical scrubs, you need to wash the affected areas. Rinse it off. Then, finish it with ordinary soap.

    Wipe it with vinegar

    The most common homeopathic remedy to cure body odor permanently is to use a cotton wool pad. Add drops of vinegar and wipe it on your armpits. Doing so will help decrease the number of bacteria that cause the body odor. Never use this method after shaving because it will only sting.

    Go for witch hazel

    It’s a type of plant that you can easily find in North America. Also known as winter bloom, witch hazel has astringent properties that can reduce insect bites, acne, inflammation, etc.

    It is commonly used on the skin because of its strong astringent and antioxidant properties that can kill bacteria that harbor in the skin’s pores.

    They also stop cellular damage, thereby, preventing skin cancer, signs of aging while they speed up healing. With these benefits, it’s no wonder witch hazel extract is added to a lot of OTC beauty products. (2)

    Apply it directly onto your skin. Or you can also use it with a cotton wool pad. The clean-smelling liquid of which hazel is deodorizing and drying.

    Use bicarbonate of soda or arrowroot

    It’s an effective powder in absorbing moisture. It can also kill bacteria that cause odor.

    In addition to bicarbonate of soda, you can also use arrowroot. It’s a delicate powder that absorbs excess sweat from your skin.

    The essential oils in it neutralize the bacteria that cause the body odor. To use it as a home remedy, mix 50 grams of arrowroot with five drops of clary sage essential oil and five drops of patchouli essential oil. Make sure to store the arrowroot powder in a tightly sealed container. You may use it as often as you want.

    Look for common homeopathic remedies in your garden

    You may have some herbs in your garden that can help cure your body odor permanently. As previously mentioned, tea tree oil is an effective way to treat the problematic area. What’s more is that it does not cause skin irritation, even though it kills bacteria. It also has a pleasant scent.

    Lavender, pine nad peppermint essential oils are also effective. They have a pleasant smell, and they won’t cause a skin reaction. However, you may still want to perform a small patch test to know whether your skin is sensitive to the oil.

    Another herb you can try is sage. It is known to fight bacteria while it reduces perspiration. Sage oil is available in various health food shops. You can brew it from the sage fresh or dried leaves. Then, store them in a bottle. After using, wash your hands.

    Lemon is a citrus fruit that is also effective in treating body odor. It changes the pH level of your skin to make it more acidic. Keep in mind that bacteria that cause odor cannot survive in a highly acidic environment. To use it, rub some lemon juice onto your armpits and pat it dry.

    Choose what you eat

    To further prevent or cure body odor permanently, you need to watch what you eat. Bear in mind that proteins and oils from some foods remain in your body’s perspiration. As a result, they contribute to the odor. Cumin, curry, and garlic are common culprits in causing body odor.

    Furthermore, you should consider eating more leafy green vegetables that contain a high amount of chlorophyll as they provide powerful deodorizing effects. These veggies could be spinach, kale, and chard.

    Or you can opt to take chlorophyll tablets. They are made form pants, like kelp, blue-green algae, and barley grass.

    Parsley is also good. Take it as a tea and drink it every day. Or opt for lime tree tea. It stimulates waste products excretion from the body making your sweat sweeter.

    Linden tea is also useful. It is made from the lime-tree blossom. It has a delicate fragrance like jasmine tea.


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