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  • Chiropractic Practice And Weight Loss: Important Things You Must Know

    Is it a valid practice? Who developed this system? What are its dangers? Read on to find out the answers.

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    The name is called chiropractic. It’s an alternative therapy that follows the system based on spinal manipulations. The developer of this healing system was Daniel David Palmer. He was a grocer living in Iowa. According to him, all diseases have one cause.


    David David Palmer

    Harvey Liliard was the first patient of Daniel. Harvey was a deaf janitor. He treated him by simply manipulating his neck. After that, he concluded that a displaced spine is the major cause of diseases. But we all know that these diseases are caused by stress factors and modern lifestyle, like postural defects and mental problems.





    According to Palmer, vertebral dislocations are pretty common. They cause injury to spinal column, create heat and affect different organs of your body. To make an improvement, the chiropractor will make an adjustment to your spinal column to remove those pressures from the nerves.

    For the developer of this practice, the patient would become more vulnerable to heart and kidney disease if he/she didn’t opt to eliminate the pressure.


    The affected spinal are then adjusted through a dynamic thrust that are repeated several times until you’ll hear a cracking sound. With that sound, the chiropractor claims that you’ve been treated.


    Barlett Joshua Palmer

    BJ or Barlett Joshua is the aggressive son of Palmer who made this practice popular. He improved the image of this practice and worked hard to make it recognized around the world, including the Philippines.

    With his efforts, BJ became a multi-millionaire. He made sure that the chiropractic became the third largest medical profession in the world, next to medicine and dentistry.

    25,000 TO 35,000 CHIROPRACTORS

    More and more people are hooked to chiropractic. As a result, there are about 25,000 chiropractors in the US and Canada. They underwent a four-year course at Palmer’s college and other colleges that offer this profession. After four years, they can proceed to become a doctor of chiropractic.

    Since 1974, the profession is licensed.


    Although there are training sessions involved in this type of medical practice, it’s still difficult to take it seriously. This practice is based on something that hasn’t been medically or scientifically proven.


    The developer of chiropractic, Palmer, didn’t have any medical training. In fact, he was jailed in 1906 for practicing medicine even if he didn’t have the license to do so. When he set up his school in 1895, his students underwent a three-month course and paid $450 as tuition fee.

    The only admission requirement for his school was the student’s ability to pay. In the ads, he emphasized that the lack of previous education wasn’t a requirement to become a chiropractor who receives high income.


    Palmer’s son BJ died of colon cancer. He didn’t believe in his father’s practice. According to reports, he was only in it for the money. He might have supported his father’s story but he did visit medical doctors when he was sick. He then died of colon cancer, in spite of chiropractic’s claim that it could cure cancer.


    They’re believed to be the major reason for most health problems. Chiropractors are saying that they could be easily corrected by manipulating the spine.

    But for medical students who studied human anatomy, those important nerves that affect the heart, stomach, liver, face and heart are beyond the reach of a chiropractor.

    You also have to keep in mind that your body have several openings and exit points. Thus, it’s very hard to imagine how these nerves can be pressed or pinched without causing major trauma.


    Many of the modern chiropractors are relying heavily on unproven gadgets. The neurocalometer, for instance, is a device that could detect heat vibrations and said to aid the chiropractor to look for subluxations. BJ made it for $30 but he leased it to chiropractors for $2,200.

    And in recent years, chiropractors are using internal gadgetries. They’re of vitamins, nutrient formulas, natural supplements, and the like. They’re advertised heavily by the quackery business.

    Although they do use x-ray results, the results don’t show them what’s the real cause of the patient’s medical condition. The variations thought by chiropractors as pathological are in fact judged as normal by real radiologists.


    According to the Fifth Joint Meeting About Stroke and Cerebral Circulation, there were more than 10 cases of stroke mainly caused by the rotation of the neck performed by chiropractors. Furthermore, more and more children are now receiving chiropractic treatment because their parents were convinced by chiropractors to let their children undergo spinal adjustments to treat their medical conditions, rather than opting for drugs and surgery.

    These parents were convinced because of the misleading “Doctor” as the title of chiropractors. With that title, many people are convinced that they do have skills in diagnostic and therapeutic.


    It doesn’t make sense really. The US Office of Education considers this practice as legitimate despite the lack of evidence. Does that mean its art of healing is valid?

    Many think that the sanctioning is considered to be strictly political. For them, lobbying could indeed obtain great results.

    Another reason chiropractor is accepted as a profession is the fact that the Commission of Education only checks whether or not an institution has a permanent campus. It also checks if the number of hours spent on learning the discipline are enough or have met the agency’s guidelines.

    This means that the validity of the practice is not challenged; worse, examined. This also means that if I put up a College of Quackery, it could be accredited as long as I had the right paperwork.


    Before you go and ask for the expertise of a chiropractor because you can’t afford your doctor’s PF, you must realize that these two very different. They may share the same title “Doctor” and must be licensed to operate. They are completely different from each other.


    Bachelor’s degree isn’t a requirement to become a chiropractor.

    It needs four years of training.

    They perform patient care only in an office.

    Their rates are considerably less than physicians.


    A physician can specialize in surgery, internal medicine, psychiatry and other specialties.

    They work in clinics, hospitals and other managed-care organizations.

    They underwent 11 years of training. Some even spent 15 years for a specialty.


    People who live in the US visit chiropractors 250 million times every year. Manipulation of the spine is said to treat ailments. But this type of treating a disease has several disadvantages, like soreness and damage to the bones.


    Some patients did complain of experiencing soreness after a chiropractic treatment. It’s the body’s way of adjusting to the changes as caused by the intervention of chiropractic. You may experience the following effects:


    Tiredness or fatigue


    But these effects could be relieved within weeks of treatment. However, if the symptoms still persist, you have to consult your physician.


    The use of this alternative method may damage your bones and cause bone fractures and nerve damage. Thus, before you engage in this type of therapy, you need to consult your physician, especially if you’re suffering from bone cancer, osteoarthritis, bone infections and other diseases to your bones.

    It’s also not advisable on kids as it may damage their growing bones.


    Nerve adjustments on the neck may cause strokes. The risk may not be that high but you must consider its danger before you undergo such care. A study conducted in 2003 showed that some patients developed torn arteries caused by chiropractic care. What’s more interesting is the fact that younger women are said to be more likely to suffer from stroke caused by chiropractic adjustments.


    Advocates of this practice believe that this alternative method can help with weight loss. Chiropractors can resolve obesity issues in a holistic way. First, they conduct a thorough examination to know the exact origin of the problem. Then, they determine the type of treatment that must be administered to the patient for him/her to lose weight. After that, they can come up with an appropriate diet plan that suits the patient’s problem. Physical exercises are included but they’re determined according to the patient’s condition. This means that each plan is designed specifically for the patient.


    Chiropractors will evaluate your nutritional needs based on your current lifestyle. Examining your personal needs is an important step in achieving your weight loss goal. Sometimes, they also recommend herbal supplements that they’ve formulated to meet your nutritional needs.

    In a way, you can lose significant amount of weight but not through chiropractic practice. Rather, it’s through lifestyle change and modification of your diet.


    There are reports that spinal manipulation might help with weight loss. But these reports didn’t say anything about medical basis. This means that it’s not yet proven that this practice could indeed offer you weight loss results through spinal manipulation.

    According to supporters of this practice, spinal manipulation helps you enhance your flexibility while it eases pressure from the spinal cords. Aligning the spine is believed to help the body in properly absorbing essential nutrients, which is essential in your weight loss goal.


    It is said to have the same effect as spinal manipulation. It’s used to promote emotional clarity while it reduces stress. As a result, it’ll bring positive effects on your health and well-being.

    Unfortunately, there are no studies available that could prove the role of chiropractic in weight loss. This simply means that there’s no proof in it. Nada.

    Sadly, more and more obese patients are relying on this practice to help them solve their overweight problem. Most of these people failed to achieve long-term results. But don’t be fooled by those catchy taglines used by some chiropractors to promote their services in helping weight loss issues. You must always remember that they’re not designed for this purpose. Those taglines they used are only there to grab your attention that promise to offer quick and dramatic results when they’re not really effective.


    You don’t need the help of a chiropractor to assist you in your weight loss. By managing your lifestyle and eating the right food, you’ll definitely lose weight and achieve permanent improvement to your weight. But before you start reducing your calorie consumption, you must first consult a dietitian to help you find the right diet based on your condition. Dietitians know the right diet without having to eliminate the food items you like most. With that in mind, you’ll still be able to enjoy your life while shedding some pounds.

    Lifestyle modification is a proven healthy way to improve your weight. It’s highly effective. It’s more effective than chiropractic medicine. The results are dramatic.

    We do highly recommend seeing a fitness expert or a highly-trained dietitian to help you come up with an appropriate weight loss program. In this way, you’ll be able to lose significant amount of weight for your health goals.

    As regards to chiropractic treatment, this isn’t for everyone. There are several conditions that don’t fit well with this type of natural treatment. As previously mentioned, you should never undergo such treatment if you’ve problems with your bones. It’s also not advisable to patients with nerve damage as it could just exacerbate the condition. If you’ve received surgery on the spine, you’ll have to ask for your surgeon’s approval before you undergo such treatment. If you’re experiencing back pain after the treatment, you’ll have to ask your doctor for some advice as how these side effects can be alleviated or remedied.

    Another thing that people dislike about this treatment is its cost. It may be cheaper than going to a medical clinic. However, the appointment is only short of about ten minutes and you’ll have to pay more than $50. Plus, consulting a chiropractor won’t be covered by your health insurance. Then, chiropractors recommend going in twice a week, which could add up over time.


    Stick to lifestyle change and get a regular exercise.

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