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  • How to Get Skinny Like Ariana Grande?

    How to get skinny like Ariana Grande? We’ll reveal her methods on how she got skinny fast.

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    Learn About How to Get Skinny Like Ariana Grande

    How to Get Skinny Fast Like Ariana Grande How to Get Skinny Fast Like Ariana Grande

    Ariana Grande is one of the most searched celebrities online. In fact, she sits on top of Google Trends’ Actors category.

    I’m not a big fan of her but I think she’s an adorable actress. Just look at her dimples.

    Ariana is only 18 but she’s becoming the most-talked starlet in Hollywood. Hopefully, she won’t be like … never mind.

    I won’t talk about her fame and role in Nickoledeon in this post. So, don’t worry.

    Instead, I’ll discuss about her big transformation – from being Ariana Grande the fat lady to becoming Ariana Grande the skinny one.


    1. Ariana Grande works out.

    It’s pretty obvious that this starlet works out a lot. She said that one of her favorite exercises is the healthy elliptical workout while listening to the music of Nicki Minaj and Bruno Mars (Locked Up in Heaven perhaps?).

    2. She likes hiking as a healthy workout.

    Every weekend, you’ll see her jogging up to the Hollywood sign. Well, who doesn’t like to go there and look at the view, right?

    3. She loves dancing as part of her healthy eating, healthy living strategy. 

    Ariana Grande isn’t only an actress but she’s also a dancer. She considers dancing as her healthy cardio workout allowing her to burn more calories.

    I think that her habit of dancing in her 5-inch heels is a bad idea. There’s a possibility that she’ll fall and injure her feet.

    4. She meditates as part of her weight loss plan. 

    Meditation is indeed a good way to help you lose weight and get skinny like Ariana Grande as you’re teaching your body to focus on the most important things in your life, rather than thinking about what to eat.

    5. She drinks coconut water to lose weight. 

    Although there’s no conclusive evidence about coconut water’s role in weight loss, Ariana Grande thinks that this healthy drink helped her in getting an ideal body weight and be skinny.

    She also likes drinking fresh fruit juices.

    6. She eats a lot of almonds and cashews as part of her healthy balanced diet. 

    In an experiment conducted at the City of Hope National Medical Center, subjects ate 70 almonds per day to help them drop a significant amount of weight.

    The author of that study said that it has something to do with the high amount of protein, fiber and monounsaturated fat in almonds.

    To lose weight with almonds, get skinny and avoid weight loss surgery, you must only eat them in their unsalted, raw state.

    Final Thoughts

    That’s it folks. These are the things that she did to help her lose weight without undergoing weight loss surgery. 

    From those pieces of information, I can say that she doesn’t have an eating disorder contrary to what has been reported.

    Ariana Grande is only trying to get healthy. From that, she has lost significant amount of weight.

    Ariana Grande was fat. But because she no longer eats junk food, she is now enjoying a skinny body. She also eats a healthy balanced diet and performs healthy workout exercises daily.

    You, too, can lose weight and get skinny like Ariana Grande if you only change your eating habits and modify your lifestyle. From there, you can avoid weight loss surgery. 

    What do you think of Ariana Grande’s skinny body and weight loss methods? Are you convinced that she doesn’t have an eating disorder? Or that she didn’t undergo weight loss surgery to get that skinny body?


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