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  • 4 Home Remedies for Weight Loss That You Can Find in Your Kitchen

    Losing weight doesn’t have to be expensive. With these home remedies for weight loss, you can be sure you’ll be eliminating your excess pounds in no time.

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    Home Remedies for Weight Loss

    Summary: It’s not easy to lose weight. It’s true. But with the help of these home remedies, you can lose weight effortlessly.

    4 Unknown Home Remedies for Weight Loss

    4 Unknown Home Remedies for Weight Loss

    I just had a conversation with my friend on Skype and we talked about the best things to lose weight. Of course, I recommended Herbalife Formula 1 shake. But he said, “Not now. I’m short on budget.” Then, he asked me if there are home remedies that he could try to help him lose weight.

    Well, I told him that there are plenty of them. In fact, they can be easily found in your kitchen.


    Whether it’s purified water or alkaline water, you can lose weight just by drinking water.

    How? Water reduces cravings. As a result, you can stay away from eating bag of chips every now and then.

    Caution: Although drinking 3 liters of water is a good thing, you should not take such amount if you have renal system disease. Talk to your doctor first.


    It’s my favorite fruit.

    How it can help with weight loss? Papaya has detox properties. And if you pair it with lemon and honey mixed in warm water that has black salt, then you can have a perfect detox fluid in the morning.

    Papaya and lemon can help in increasing your metabolism, thereby, assisting you in losing weight quickly.

    But you must only consume a bowl of papaya and do not overeat. This home remedy for weight loss will be of no value if you consume it in high amount.


    By fruit juice, I meant fresh fruit juices and not those found in boxes or cans.

    How? Fruit juices can help stop your cravings after dinner. They are also great if you have late night working hours. Instead of reaching a can of soda, make a fruit juice out of apple, grapes, carrots, etc.

    Don’t add sugar when making fruit juices. Sugar will only add calories and will make you crave more.


    This is another home remedy for weight loss that’s easy to obtain.

    How? It contains capsaicin, which is a beneficial ingredient in increasing heat in your body. When you eat such, you sweat a lot. And you know how sweating can help with weight loss.


    The above mentioned home remedies for weight loss are effective but you also need to pair them with good amount of exercise.

    One of the best workouts is brisk walking. It increases metabolism and enhances heart rate without requiring you to carry out extreme workout.

    You must also stick to your healthy eating habits. That means, you need to consume more fruit and vegetables, cereals and fiber-rich foods.

    As much as possible, opt to eat home-cooked meals.

    Home remedies for weight loss would also mean cutting down consumption of cakes, chocolates and cookies.

    However, you may consume chocolates as long as they are dark ones.


    Surely, there are plenty of ways to help you lose weight. You can eat those items mentioned above but you must always make sure that you do not overeat them.

    Then, you should engage in physical activities at least 1 hour a day. This is to boost your ability to lose weight.


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