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  • 4 Natural Antibacterial Agents More Effective Than Antibiotics

    Are you sick? Stay home. Do you need antibiotics? It’s good to know that there are natural antibacterial agents that you can try to treat your condition. With these agents, you don’t need to purchase those expensive drugs that might not even work.

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    If you’re sick, you should stay home. With the rise of swine flu cases, you should really be staying home if you don’t feel well. According to health experts, it’s important to be health conscious. It can make a difference to your health and to others around you.

    When you cough, you should cough into your sleeve. Although you’ve been taught to sneeze into your hand, it’s really not the proper way as the germs can be spread through a hand shake.

    Washing your hands regularly and using antibacterial hand sanitizers can kill those germs in an instant. If you don’t have that sanitizing wipe, you can use what the Mother Nature has to offer.

    When it comes to dealing with bacteria, nothing can beat natural antibacterial agents.

    1. Oregano Oil

    It’s the king of natural antibiotics. Several studies have shown its effectiveness. But its effectiveness can vary from one product to another. If you want to purchase it at a local health shop, you should read the label as some products contain marjoram and not the oregano oil.

    Don’t go with product that has contains oregano oil harvested in harsh conditions as it can mean stronger, harsher ingredients. Keep in mind that with stronger components, it could negatively affect the antibacterial properties of oregano oil.

    This oil could kill 96% of Pnemococcus bacteria and 92% of Neisseria, Staphylococcus and Proteus bacteria.

    2. Garlic

    It can’t only kill bacteria but it can also eliminate fungi and viruses. At this time of year when flu cases are rising, garlic is truly a great addition to your food. It contains sulphur compounds that are critical to your health. They’re great in boosting your immunity while acting as a very powerful antibacterial herb.

    What’s great about garlic is that it can be easily added to your favorite dishes, like soup, chili, stew and veggie dish. But don’t go with garlic powder as most of its health benefits are already eliminated. Instead, go with freshly picked garlic.

    3. Green tea

    It has epigallocatechin gallate which is known to be a powerful agent in fighting against bacterial. In fact, it has been known to kill certain powerful strains of oral bacteria. With its many health benefits, it’s a great addition to your daily diet. It can break down fats while helping you fight against the negative effects of bacteria. To maximize its benefits, make sure that you swish it around your mouth before swallowing it.

    4. Olive Leaf Extract

    4 Natural Antibacterial Agents More Effective Than Antibiotics

    It’s not only a great natural antibacterial but it’s also a good antiviral making it an excellent addition to your diet. According to scientists in Korea, olive leaf extra is known to be potent against several microbes. Researches also showed that this leaf extra has the ability to eliminate free radicals in the body. Remember that these radicals are linked to aging and disease. With the help of this extract, you can surely protect your body against symptoms of aging and certain diseases.


    These natural antibacterial products are easy to find. So you don’t have an excuse not to use them.

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