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  • Dangers and Natural Alternatives of Sleeping Pill

    Studies showed that there are dangers and natural alternatives of sleeping pill. Learn more about them.

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    Dangers and Natural Alternatives of Sleeping Pill

    Benzodiazepine is a commonly prescribed sleeping pill for patients diagnosed with insomnia and anxiety. In a recent medical research, it showed that this pill is linked to an increased risk of developing dementia in elderly. What are the dangers and natural alternatives of sleeping pill?

    The researchers from the University of Bordeaux in France discovered that those adults (65 years and over) who are taking such drug are more likely to develop dementia 15 years after they’ve started using it.

    The safety of this drug is also linked to a number of fall-related fractures amongst its users.

    Unfortunately, these patients took this type of drug for many years, when in fact, the guidelines showed short-term use only.

    The researchers of this study recommend doctors, who are prescribing this drug, to weigh the benefits of using benzodiazepines. They should limit its use to a few weeks, instead of months or years.

    Good thing about it is that you can always turn to natural sleeping remedies.

    One of the best alternatives to sleeping bill is having a back rub. According to the Journal of Holistic Nursing, a three-minute back massage may improve quality night-time sleep to patients with dementia.

    Dangers and Natural Alternatives of Sleeping Pill – Rosemary oil

    In a research conducted in UK at the Northumbria University, researchers found out that the respondents of the study who had the longest exposure to rosemary oil performed better in their medical tests about speed and accuracy, compared with those subjects who took lower levels of said oil. According to them, it could be caused by the 1,8-cineole content of rosemary oil that can boost brain’s power.

    Thus, if you’re sleepy in the afternoon, then why not try inhaling the aroma of rosemary oil to give your brain a boost? It’s very safe.

    Aloe concentrate drink is also said to help you obtain quality night-time sleep. Thanks to its soothing properties.

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