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  • Quit Smoking with Electronic Cigarette: Is It Effective? What are the Natural Ways?

    Read on to find out how electronic cigarette can stop you from smoking and learn about alternative routes to quit this habit.

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    quit smoking with electronic cigarettes

    Recent study showed that people can quit smoking with the help of electronic cigarette. Although e-cigar doesn’t have the “smoke” toxins, it still contains almost the same amount of nicotine found in nicotine patches.

    According to a randomized-controlled trial conducted in New Zealand, the success rate of those who used electronic cigarette as a method of smoking cessation was almost the same as those who tried to quit smoking using nicotine patches.

    Those participants who did use e-cigar but didn’t completely stop smoking were still able to reduce their tobacco cigarette. The number was greater than those who used the nicotine patches.

    That said, should you quit smoking using electronic cigarette?

    The researchers of said study admitted that further studies are needed to draw a conclusion. However, health experts suggested that this method to quit smoking might help in some smokers who are highly motivated to stop this habit.

    Instead of using electronic cigarette, why not try the natural ways to quit smoking?

    Here’s a list of things that you could do to quit smoking without the use of nicotine patch or electronic cigarette.

    Get an exercise

    Jogging and bicycling are exercises that can help you quit smoking. If you hate them, then you should try weight lifting. According to Shape magazine, picking up a dumbbell isn’t only useful in weight loss but it’s also beneficial in helping you quit smoking.

    What do you need to do?

    In order for weight lifting to work on this purpose, you’ll have to undergo a two-hour weight lifting session for about 12 weeks. Plus, you need to continue your stop-smoking treatment.

    Consume more fruit and vegetables

    A study showed that consumption of fruit and vegetables could further help in stopping the habit and maintaining a lifestyle without cigarette. If you eat fruit and vegetables for 30 days, then you’d be likely to be tobacco-free.

    Try acupuncture and hypnosis

    If medications and counseling didn’t work for you, then you should try acupuncture and hypnosis to further help you to stop smoking. They’re also beneficial if you don’t want to take medications for this purpose.

    Subscribe to a txt2stop

    Yes, study showed that people who subscribed to a smoking cessation program were able to kick the habit after six months, as compared to those who didn’t get encouraging messages to learn how to quit smoking.

    We think that these natural alternatives to quit smoking are way better than e-cigarettes. Keep in mind that the e-version still contains nicotine, which is an addictive substance.

    How about you? What have you done to help you stop the habit?

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