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  • Ginseng: Can It Help With Weight Loss?

    It’s true that ginseng offers a lot of health benefits. But is weight loss included?

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    Ginseng is one of those ingredients that are said to help with weight loss. But this isn’t just another weight loss ingredient, according to its advocates. Rather, it’s an efficient herb that offers other health benefits, besides its ability to help with weight loss.

    But is it really an amazing herb? What are its roles in helping you shed some pounds?


    It’s an herb that has been used for hundreds of years. It wasn’t just one culture that believed in its magical powers but it was also used in most of the world where ginseng was grown.

    Royal families used it long before the Han Dynasty period. They thought that the plant had magical powers, which could bring benefits to their health and offer longer life. At those times, this plant was forbidden, except for the royalty. Regular individuals who were caught using it were sentenced to death.


    The traditional healers of China studied the uses and benefits of ginseng long before the modern scientists began to study and research the plant. The Chinese wrote in their ancient books that ginseng brought harmony to the soul; calmed one’s mind; took away fear; and drove away evil.

    It was also used to strengthen the body and extend life.

    Its Chinese name is “ren-shen.” In English, it means man-root. These people have been using this plan for more than 5,000 years. Up to now, Chinese people are still using it. In fact, it’s the most famous herb in China. They believe that using the old recipes of Ginseng is too good to change and adapt it with the modern version of a medicine.

    Among the different types of herbs, ginseng is one of the best herbs.


    Indians also used this herb for medicines, from menstrual cramps to headaches. They believe that this plant could improve their health problems. They even used the herb to heal their wounds by smashing the root on the wound. The healing time is much faster.


    In North America, ginseng was an important medicine for its people. They used it on different problems, from tonics to increasing one’s fertility. 

    In 18th century, it was exported to Asia. The American ginseng is more valued because of its sweeter taste compared to Asian ginseng. Because of its demand, the American ginseng was overharvested in the 1970s and became an endangered species in the forest of Eastern United States.

    American ginseng is still growing wild there but you’ll have to secure a license if you want to export it.

    In Minnesota, it was the first major export to other countries. They were shipping more than hundred and twenty tons of dried ginseng roots to China. It’s been seen growing wild in Northern Manchuria and has been harvested for years.

    Up to now, it’s been used for its healing abilities. Scientists have proven its benefits and touted it as a good herb to achieve better health.


    ginseng and weight loss

    Supporters of ginseng consider this natural herb as a useful solution to help with weight loss. They advertise it as something good for those who are too desperate to shed some pounds but don’t want to starve themselves to death.

    For the advocates of this herb, this herb can be a great weight loss solution without getting into a strict diet and starve every day. And the best part is that it’s natural.

    Some studies showed that ginseng could help with weight loss because of its good properties. But, it hasn’t been clearly stated as to how it could be of great assistance when it comes to weight loss.

    There are two major ways that this plant could help with this purpose.


    One of the most useful roles that this plant plays is the fact that it can boost your metabolism. It makes your metabolism go faster so you can be sure that you’ll lose significant amount of weight. It essentially reduces the calories being transformed into fats. And with faster metabolism, your fats can be easily burned and removed out of the body. Remember that having a faster metabolism is the key to achieving your weight loss goal.


    The second way it helps with weight loss is that it gives you more energy. With that in mind, you’ll have the edge to exercise longer and harder. If you have more energy, you’ll have more stamina to endure an extreme workout. Keep in mind that a stronger stamina can help you easily easily achieve the weight that you desire. Without it, you’d surely fail to perform any type of exercise, even a slow type of workout.



    Having an irregular blood sugar can make losing weight a lot harder that it already is. Ginseng helps in regulating blood sugar by reducing carbohydrate that’s converted into fat.


    This herb suppresses your appetite. This means that if you take it on a regular basis, you’ll notice that your cravings for unhealthy foods between meals are greatly reduced.


    The use of ginseng allows your body in cleaning and removing unwanted waste and fats from your body. Essentially, it gets rid of all toxins from your body, thereby, cleaning your entire system.


    The big secret in ginseng plant when it comes to helping with weight loss is its saponin content. According to health experts, it’s the one that makes you lose weight effectively. This ingredient is highly concentrated within the roots of the plant. 


    There are a few ways to add it to your diet


    They contain the right amount of ginseng. They’re also easier to consume. The recommended dosage is 200 mg of pill, one to three times daily. Make sure to take it before meals.


    Eating it in its raw form is also effective as it doesn’t involve processing. You can just chew one to two grams of its roots throughout the day. For best results, you should take it for three months.


    You can also opt to add some roots in your food like chicken, marinated meat, and soups. Or You can even add it to your smoothies.

    These aren’t the only ways that you can try to add this herb to your diet.

    But you’ve to remember that this herb alone won’t do the trick in shedding some pounds. You must always pair it with a healthy diet and a regular exercise to keep your body and mind fit and healthy.


    Apart from weight loss, ginseng is also great in providing other health benefits. It’s a good herb that your body can benefit from.


    It helps in improving your general health so you’ll have a healthier body even if you’re already growing old.


    Ginseng is also good at relieving you from stress. Advocates of this herb believe that this plant could reduce stress levels. It may help in calming your mind and body.


    It’s an anti-aging remedy. There are many changes that a body experiences when you grow older. And this herb makes the aging effects on the body better. It’s because of its big source of antioxidants.


    Its root is also useful in helping men with erectile dysfunction as it can act as an aphrodisiac, thereby, improving their performance in bed.


    Women who are entering the menopausal stage may take the root of this herb to reduce the effects of menopause. In this way, they’ll be able to bear its signs and symptoms easily. It also reduces the pain and swelling that are accompanied with menstrual cramps.


    It also helps people in recovering faster, after an illness or a serious operation or injury. The ginseng root can help with your memory as it stimulates your brain cells and improves the general health of your brain. As a result, your concentration and memory will be greatly improved. It’s important if you’re studying or beginning to become very forgetful.


    Your heart is the most important organ in your body. For that reason, you should learn how to take good care of it. Taking this herb every day may have a positive effect on your cardiovascular system. For instance, its root may control your blood pressure so it won’t reach to a point that it becomes life-threatening. This will then reduce your risk of having debilitating condition caused by a certain heart condition.

    It also lowers your bad cholesterol while it increases your energy and endurance.


    Apart from those cures mentioned above, ginseng is also thought to reduce your risk of cancer. Keep in mind that cancer is everyone’s biggest fear. However, if you’re already suffering from cancer, this herb can improve your overall health. It’ll also reduce the negative effects that cancer can bring to your body.

    Furthermore, this herb helps in strengthening your immune system, which is great if you’re feeling weak and sick. Plus, it increases the amount of your red blood cells. It also eliminates toxins from your body. Ginseng is also though to reduce your risk of infection while you battle against cancer.


    Ginseng will fight off the bacteria that are causing colds and flu and make the recovery time of colds and flu faster. The herb can also strengthen the liver functions.

    There are other cures that this herb can help with. But the main benefit that you can obtain from taking it every day is that it improves your overall health.


    Even if it’s a natural herb, ginseng can have a few side effects. 

    Since it hasn’t been studied to be safe for pregnant and breastfeeding, it’s best not to take it if you’re pregnant or nursing. It may harm the unborn baby.

    Some types of ginseng may cause irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure. People with history of heart disease must seek medical advice before using any type of ginseng.

    Don’t use it if your blood pressure is over 180/90. This is because this herb may make your blood pressure higher to the point that it becomes life-threatening. It may worsen the side effects of antibiotics causing serious damage to your body.

    It’s not safe to take any form of ginseng with other stimulants. There’s a high possibility for overstimulation. Thus, it’s not recommended at all.

    There are a few other side effects that are less serious, like breast tenderness during the menstrual period; changes in blood pressure; light to medium headaches; vaginal bleeding; dizziness and nausea. 

    You must make sure that you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients of this herb. Sever reactions may arise, which can be life threatening. If you’re having any signs of allergic reactions, you must go to a hospital or your doctor as soon as possible.

    If you’re going for an operation, you must not take any form of ginseng. This is because it can cause excessive bleeding during operation.

    You must avoid taking it if you’re having menstruation or if you’re experiencing blood clots.

    Some users of this herb complained of experiencing difficulty sleeping after they’ve taken different types of this plant. Thus, you must not use it if you’re having trouble sleeping or suffering from insomnia. 

    It’s recommended for children as it may cause serious side effects. This is especially true to children who have low tolerance in ginseng.

    Side effects are more common when it’s taken at higher amount. Thus, you must only take it at recommended dosage. It’s not a good idea to take the ginseng for long periods of time. Don’t take it for more than three months.

    It’s best to visit your doctor before you take any type of ginseng. Your doctor will evaluate your medical condition and determine whether or not this herb is safe for you. This is especially true if you have a certain medical condition that might worsen by taking such herb.

    If you take it at the right amount, you won’t be experiencing sever side effects associated with this herb. 


    Take it as recommended. And you must always remember that there are no scientific studies to prove its worth in weight loss. So always think twice before you push through your plan of consuming it.



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