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  • 4 Weight Loss Habits You Might Be Ignoring

    What should you be eating to achieve your weight loss goals? Here are some of the eating habits you must be considering when it comes to losing weight.

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    There are so many pieces of advice about weight loss diets. So, it’s no wonder why many people got confused about what they should be eating to achieve their ideal weight.

    4 Weight Loss Habits You Might Be Ignoring

    4 Weight Loss Habits You Might Be Ignoring


    Weight Loss Habits You Must Be Doing

    In this post, you’ll find things that can help you shed some pounds without sabotaging your overall health. If you start to follow these healthy habits, you might become a healthy eater and get rid of those extra pounds for life.

    1. Eat breakfast

    According to a survey, millions of people around the world are skipping breakfast to help them lose weight. But recent studies showed that this habit isn’t at all healthy and it won’t help you shed some pounds. This is because breakfast is an important meal of the day. In a study conducted, it showed that a group of people who ate breakfast lost an average of 18 pounds and made their waistline slimmer, compared to those who didn’t eat anything in the morning.

    2. Get rid of juice cleanse

    Going on an all-liquid diet made of vegetables, fruits and milk isn’t helpful in losing weight. According to Mayo Clinic, those who want to get rid of their extra pounds must not believe about the hype of juice cleanse. Although juice cleansing may help in losing weight, it’s not the fats that you’re eliminating. Rather, it’s the extra water in your body that goes out of your system. This is a problem because the water weight will go back once your normal eating habits are resumed. But don’t get rid of juice cleanse program yet. You can have it as a form of a snack.

    3. Don’t cut out gluten, carbs, sugar and meat

    You must keep in mind that there’s no magic solution in losing weight. Cutting out gluten, carbs, or meat won’t make you slimmer overnight. Although it’s great that you get rid of these elements, it’s not very useful in your weight loss goal. Elimination type of dieting is very risky, especially for those suffering from disordered eating. However, if you’ve been diagnosed to have celiac disease, then you should avoid gluten foods because they can cause damage to your small intestine. But don’t be fooled by the gluten-free label that you see. Some of these foods labeled with gluten-free are actually loaded with fat and sugar.

    4. Consume fats in moderation

    Fats may have negative effects to your body but you shouldn’t get rid of them entirely. If you follow a low-fat diet, then you may end up eliminating the good fats as well. Keep in mind that your body needs fats too in order to have energy for your daily activities. Eliminating them won’t do any good to your weight loss goal. What you must do is to eat in moderation.

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    Rod Jong Rod Jong is a BS Chemistry graduate who believes that people must start consuming foods that are organically produced. If he’s not writing, then he’s busy managing his (organic) farm that utilizes the power of natural processes.

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