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  • 4 Home Remedies Yeast Infection That You Must Avoid

    There are tons of home remedies for yeast infection. But these natural treatments shouldn’t be used, according to health experts. What are they?

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    Yeast infection is a common medical condition in women. But because of the stigma associated with this condition, many women are now using home remedies. Unfortunately, these alternatives are not medically approved. Although they can always use OTC treatments, they turn to natural remedies.

    According to health experts, these natural treatments must be avoided because they may cause more harm than good.


    It’s said to have detoxifying qualities. Those who believe its effectiveness insert garlic into their vagina. Unfortunately, this method will cause further infection to the female organ because inserting a foreign object into it may cause complications. Furthermore, there’s no proof that it can indeed treat yeast infection. That said, why risk your medical condition to something that you can’t be sure of.


    This home remedy has been around for some time. According to those who have already used it, yogurt could cure this medical infection. Some women did claim that it works. Although there are scientific studies that try to find out the truth behind this claim, it’s not yet proven that yogurt can cure vaginal yeast infection.


    They’re not natural alternatives but many women have a common misconception that feminine hygiene sprays won’t only alleviate the symptoms of yeast infection but they’re also effective in treating the infection itself. Unfortunately, these women have found that those anti-inch creams weren’t able to cure or treat this infection. They may temporarily alleviate the symptoms but they can’t offer cure.


    This process does more harm than good to your condition. It’s not even approved by the medical community, thus, it’s not a recommended practice. But there are still women who want to believe that they can treat their yeast infection by simply cleaning out their vagina. However, according to health experts, it can worsen your condition.

    These aren’t the only home remedies considered to be an effective form of treatment for yeast infection. But the only proven treatment is topical anti-fungal. Doctors recommend staying out of your kitchen. Rather, go to the pharmacy and purchase some OTC treatments for this condition. They’re not expensive and they can treat yeast infection without causing more harm to it.

    However, some women who’ve tried these home remedies did say that these natural treatments could indeed be useful in treating this condition.

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