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  • Purify Indoor Air Pollution: 12 Houseplants A Caring Mother Must Know

    Here’s a list of houseplants that can purify indoor air pollution without causing health problems.

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    How do you fight against indoor air pollution in your house or office?

    Do you use a machine or some chemicals that you can spray? Do you know that these methods can further hurt the environment or your family’s health?

    That said, why not try to get some answers from nature?

    Yes, some houseplants can provide you a cure for indoor air pollution.

    They can purify your home or your office without spraying chemicals that might cause another health problem.

    In this article, you’ll find some of the most effective filters that can treat dangerous air pollutants. These pollutants are formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, and xylene. They can cause health problems, like asthma, allergies and other illness recognized by WHO as a sick building syndrome.

    Here’s a list of plants that can purify the air and combat against indoor air pollution.

    1. Peace lily.

    peace lily purify indoor air pollution

    It removes acetone.

    2. Boston fern

    Boston Fern Purify Indoor Air Pollution

    It eliminates formaldehyde.

    3. Cyclamen

    Cyclamen Purify Indoor Pollution

    4. Mums

    Mums Purify Indoor Air Pollution

    5. African violet

    African Violet Purify Indoor Air Pollution

    6. Croton

    Croton Indoor Air Pollution

    7. Asparagus fern

    Asparagus Fern Purify Indoor Air Pollution

    8. Gardenia


    9. Schefflera trinet

    Schefflera trinet

    10. Poinsettia


    11. Florida beauty


    12. Dieffenbachia amoena


    Now, you’re wondering how can these house plants purify indoor air pollution?

    1. They absorb those pollutants into their leaves.

    2. Those toxins will be transferred to their roots to be transformed as a food for the plant.

    3. They also emit water vapors to pull down the air pollutants to the roots so they can be converted into food for the plant.

    4. They significantly decrease air pollutants, like ammonia.

    But there are disadvantages of using houseplants to clean indoor air pollution.

    1. They can cause moisture that can lead to molds.

    2. Some of these plants emit allergens and pollen, which can pose danger to people with respiratory problems.

    However, these cons can be alleviated. In order to avoid moisture build-up, you can cover the top of the soil with gravel or pebbles. In this way, the moisture or water will dry up soon after you water those plants.

    How to take care of these houseplants?

    If you’re planning to use these houseplants to eliminate indoor air pollution, you have to clean their leaves frequently.

    However, you mustn’t apply oils or waxes.

    You should also put correct lighting to them to allow them to grow inside the house.

    And make sure that they’re placed in well-draining container.

    You must inspect them for pests.

    If there are pests, you should hose them off using clean water. But do this only outside your house to avoid spreading the pests inside.

    Another great thing about houseplants as a method of cleaning indoor air pollution is the fact that they’re cheaper.

    Plus, they can act as your room’s lungs and kidneys.

    How about you? What houseplants do you use to purify air pollution in your house/office

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