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  • JLo Latest News – Jen Lopez Dropped 10 Pounds of Weight

    JLo latest news is about Jen Lopez dropping 10 pounds. How she did that?

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    What’s the latest news on JLo?


    JLo Latest News

    Well, there are plenty. One of the first things that we’ve noticed is its dramatic weight loss. In fact, Jen Lopez admitted to having dropped 10 pounds of weight.

    Jennifer Lopez “Lo” is in her best shape, even though she’s already 45. After losing 10 pounds, many of her followers and haters would like to know how she did that.

    What’s her secret?

    In order to lose that significant amount of weight, Jen Lopez followed a strict vegan diet. Plus, her workout includes dancing 6 hours a day.

    With her current diet and workout routine, she has reduced her size from 4 to 2. And it’s all because she eliminated dairy, meat and gluten from her diet.

    After having 2 kids, Jennifer Lopez Lo still looks slimmer than she was in 2004.

    To help her get through a vegan diet, she encouraged her family to follow her. Yes, even her kids are following her being vegan.

    Outlook in life

    Jen Lopez is one of the most glamorous celebrities in Hollywood. Despite that, she, too, has her off days. There are some days that she feels more tired than usual and that she doesn’t want to face the day.

    But she always thinks positively, during her off days.

    How to survive a vegan diet just like Jen Lopez?

    Consult a dietitian

    You can easily skip chicken, pork, beef, etc. But we all know that it won’t last long. To have a complete meal without meat, you must see a nutritionist.

    He/she can provide you food that doesn’t come from animals. You’ll know the best non-animal sources that you can have to obtain calcium, iron, protein and vitamins from your diet.

    Change your perception about vegetables 

    The latest news on JLo focuses on her being a vegan. You can’t be like Jennifer Lopez if you hate vegetables.

    You can’t become a vegan if you dislike eating fruits and vegetables.

    Remarkably, a lot of people who want to go vegan forget that simple fact.

    Befriend someone who’s also vegan

    Jen Lopez asked her family to go vegan with her. This is one of the reasons she has survived.

    The problem with going solo on your new diet is that the process will be a lot more difficult. Thus, it’s highly recommended that you find someone who’s also interested in following this type of diet.

    And if you have friends who are already following and maintaining a vegetarian lifestyle, try catching up with them and ask for advice and inspiration.

    There’s also an online community that you can go to for people who want to follow a meat-free diet.

    Practical outlook

    Jennifer Lopez Lo wants to feel and look her best. Thus, she exercises daily. She’s also a portion-control person.

    Wrapping up

    Jen Lopez slimming down is not new. She’s one of those celebrities who want to have the best body in Hollywood. You, too, can have that almost perfect body just like Jennifer Lopez “Lo” when you follow a balanced diet. Even if you don’t turn vegan, you can still lose weight by skipping unhealthy foods.


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    Rod Jong Rod Jong is a BS Chemistry graduate who believes that people must start consuming foods that are organically produced. If he’s not writing, then he’s busy managing his (organic) farm that utilizes the power of natural processes.

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