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  • 6 Home Remedies For Dry Mouth

    Dry mouth makes it difficult to talk comfortably. Seeing a doctor will help you find a solution. While waiting for your medical visit, why not try these easy, effective home remedies for dry mouth.

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    Dry mouth happens to anyone. This condition will make it difficult for you to talk comfortably. If you’re experiencing it often, then you should consider seeing your doctor and find out what has been causing it.

    After that, you can consider opting for remedies that you can find over the counter. In this section, you’ll find some tricks to keep your mouth as moist as possible.

    Sip water

    Carrying a water bottle is ideal to avoid this condition. Before you swallow, you must try to swirl each sip in your mouth to moisten it. You can add some lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to the water to stimulate flow of saliva.

    Avoid dry mouth inducers

    Caffeinated drinks and alcohol are two of the main culprits of having this condition. This is because these two fluids cause you to pee frequently letting your body to lose more fluids. You must also reduce or eliminate intake of carbonated drinks, with or without caffeine. Drinking them while you’re having this condition will make it difficult for your system to break down the acid found in the carbonated drinks causing more medical issues.

    Use mouthwash wisely

    The use of mouthwash to clean your mouth isn’t absolute necessary for your overall oral hygiene. However, if you want to use it, then you must choose a product that doesn’t have alcohol as it only dries your mouth. You can avoid spending for this product by making a homemade mouthwash. You just need to mix witch hazel, vegetable glycerine and warm water. Mix them well before swishing the concoction around your mouth.

    Get a humidifier

    6 Home Remedies For Dry Mouth




    To avoid this condition, you must use a humidifier in your bedroom. Turn it on when you’re sleeping at night so you won’t be experiencing this problem in the morning.



    Treat your tooth problems

    Having tooth issues can make the matter worse for said dryness. Some dentists recommend using multi-fluoride toothpaste sans sodium lauryl sulphate. It’s also important that you brush and floss after every meal.

    Check the label of your medicines

    Some medications do cause mouth dryness. Check their labels. If they do cause this condition, then go ask your doctor to change them to another drug. Medicines that can cause this condition will include anti-histamines and decongestants.

    Chew a sugar-free gum

    This is one of the remedies that’s easy to apply as it only requires you to chew a gum. But you must only pick a product sans sugar. What it does is that it stimulates the flow of saliva causing your mouth to be moistened. This type of gum is also useful in reducing bacteria that can cause cavities.

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