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  • 5 Healthy Food Ideas To Avoid Weight Gain

    Here’s a list of healthy food ideas to help you with weight loss. Yes, green tea is included.

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    Fad diets don’t work. Those quick weight loss tricks won’t work in the long run. Everyone wants to see the extra weight melt away overnight. But there’s no quick solution for it. The real weight loss secret is to alter your eating habits and improve your exercise routine.

    Here are the food items that you must consider to help with your weight loss goal.


    According to a study, women who ate at least three servings of whole-grain foods had lower body mass indexes compared with women who ate less than a serving of this food each day.

    This is especially beneficial if you have an apple body type. By eating whole grains, you’ll be able to remove your visceral fat. It’s a type of fat that’s very dangerous to your overall health.


    They’ve more water and fiber, unlike those junk foods found in your pantry. They also contain fewer calories allowing you to significantly lower your diet’s energy density while increasing your nutrient density.


    But don’t focus on them. Rather, be a semi-vegetarian.

    Studies showed that those who eat less meat and consumed more veggies have lower body fats than those who are heavy meat eaters. By switching to a vegan diet, you’ll be able to lose about a pound each week. You can lose weight with this method without getting extra exercise. This is according to Dr. Neal Barnard of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.


    This type of food promotes weight loss, especially in the midsection. Having a high-calcium yet low-calorie diet, you’ll be able to reduce your body fat while preserving muscle mass.

    If you’re considering drinking milk, for instance, you must make sure that it’s low in fat.


    It triggers weight loss as it can stimulate your body’s burning ability, thereby, decreasing body fat faster. It’s possibly caused by the catechins found in this tea. But don’t just depend on it. You’ll also have to be more active each day so you’ll see significant results.

    Bottom Line

    These healthy food ideas can offer you great improvement in your weight loss goal. They can help you avoid undergoing weight loss surgery. But don’t expect quick results from them. As always, you need to wait a few days or months to notice some improvements.

    About the author

    Rod Jong Rod Jong is a BS Chemistry graduate who believes that people must start consuming foods that are organically produced. If he’s not writing, then he’s busy managing his (organic) farm that utilizes the power of natural processes.

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