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  • Oprah Winfrey – Real Reasons She’s Losing Weight

    Oprah Winfrey is one of those celebrities who struggle to lose weight. But her case is quite different as her struggle is caused by hypothyroidism, which reduces her body’s metabolism. Learn about how she has lost so much weight despite her condition.

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    Oprah Winfrey 6-Week Weight Loss Plan

    Oprah Winfrey is one of those celebrities who struggle to lose weight but don’t want to undergo weight loss surgery. But her case is quite different as her struggle is caused by hypothyroidism, which negatively affects her body’s metabolism.

    But, with the help of proper diet and regular exercise, she has managed to lose a whopping 25 pounds within 6 weeks. How did she do it? You may ask.

    Since the launch of OWN in 2011, she’s been packing extra pounds. After realizing she needed to find help to lose her extra weight, she asked her network’s creative staff to research for an effective diet plan and workout plan tailored for her.

    And they did.

    It included hiring a new chef, who prepares her meals each day.

    What of her 6-week weight loss plan as given by her new chef?

    Adding anti-aging superfood

    There are several superfoods that you can include to your meal. Oprah Winfrey eats blueberries, sweet potatoes and eggplant, among the other superfoods on her plate.

    2. Eating herbs and spices

    Ginger and basil are good examples of herbs that can help you lose extra weight while helping you fight infection and other chronic diseases. There are other spices and herbs that you can try, such as garlic and chili.

    3. Avoid refined starches

    White flour, white pasta and white bread are a no-no when it comes to losing weight. And Oprah Winfrey avoided it and replaced her plate with unrefined starches like brown rice, legumes and steel cut oats. Although it may be difficult for you to remove them entirely to your diet, you must try it for the sake of your weight loss goal.

    How about exercise?

    The media mogul has become addicted to exercise. According to Oprah Winfrey’s trainer, a person who wants to lose weight must get moving. This means that if you’re work requires sitting for a few hours, you must make sure that you find time to stand up and stretch out for a few minutes.

    Her trainer also added to keep these things in mind:

    1. Get at least 200 minutes of cardio exercise

    This is the minimum hours you must be doing every week. And when you walk on a treadmill, you must walk on an incline and not flat.

    2. Include strength training

    Oprah Winfrey has lost significant amount of her extra weight because she includes cardio and strength training exercises to her fitness routine. And if you want to get rid of your extra pounds, you mustn’t skip strength training. You may begin following a light resistance if you’re new to this type of exercise.

    These weight loss secrets of Oprah Winfrey aren’t complete without sleep. Without enough sleep, you can’t perform those morning workouts required of you to lose weight. Lacking a good night’s sleep can, in fact, cause you to gain weight because it makes you feel hungry all the time. It’s not your stomach that’s asking for food but it’s your mind that needs feeding.


    These weight loss tips aren’t really secrets. Oprah Winfrey just followed what others have already proven to be effective. You, too, can lose weight if you only embrace a healthy diet and a proper exercise.


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