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  • FSA: Why You Must Not Wash Chicken Before Cooking

    Washing chicken before cooking it can do more harm than good, said FSA. Here’s why.

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    Food Standards Agency Warns Not to Wash Chicken Before Cooking

    Food Standards Agency Warns Not to Wash Chicken Before Cooking

    Do you have the habit of washing the chicken before you cook it? I guess we all do that. But, according to the Food Standards Agency, doing so may cause food poisoning.


    The bacteria that cause food poisoning are usually spread through droplets of water during cleaning. One of the most common bacteria that cause food poisoning is Campylobacter. Food poisoning can lead to serious health problems resulting in death.

    Washing is part of food preparation. However, splashed water droplets could spread the bacteria to work surfaces, cooking equipment and to human skin.

    The bottom line here is to stop washing CHICKEN before cooking it to prevent contaminating your kitchen with Campylobacter.

    Symptoms of food poisoning



    Abdominal pain


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